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Posted on April 21, 2009 by ChristieEvents, Taste Tests

[*THE* reason to go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show – dagwood dogs!]

As I entered the gates my mind was focused on my first mission – find a dagwood!

I didn’t actually find one until an hour later, after I’d got soaking wet from a sun shower and just missed out on seeing the Racing and Diving Pigs, the only show I wanted to see. I’m sorry I missed you Smokey. I’ll see you one day.

But back to the dagwood dogs… also known as pluto pups these little babies are pure carnival food. They’re a juicy and salty frankfurter on a stick covered in batter and deep fried so that the outside is crisp and the dough closest to the sausage is spongy, much like a doughnut. Then they’re dipped in tomato sauce and eaten with gusto (not ladylike at all).

I was all carb-ed out afterwards and super dehydrated. It was salty. Good salty.

[‘Chopping’ potatoes using a drill. Hmmm, original.]

About an hour before the dagwood we came across this stand for curly fries. Totally intrigued I had to order a plate. The staff were using real potatoes shoved onto a metal rod and pushed with a drill to slice the potatoes into long curly strips. I loved the way the skin was left on and it crisped up nicely in the fryer.

Although Dillon rightly noted that they should be more savvy with disguising that it’s a simple drill being used. He thinks they should build some fancy cover over the drill so that people don’t copy their idea. He’s always thinking clever things like that.

[Now that’s some REAL chopping! Go boys!]

I love wood chopping! My heart was beating fast as we watched the semi finals. It’s so exciting to see those guys chop through that fat log of wood in less than a minute! The winners of the four heats above went on to compete for the grand final.

But we didn’t stay to watch that because the food pavilion was calling…

[That trout was amazing. So many pristine looking apples…]

Inside the Woolworths Dome the district displays were absolutely amazing. I especially liked the Central District one with the massive rainbow trout made of apples (see pic above). I can’t even begin to think how long it would have taken them to assemble it, such painstaking work, but they were so wonderful. I just hope all that produce gets eaten… that’s quite a few apple pies worth!

Just past the displays Lyndy Milan was doing a demonstration using eggs. Unfortunately she was making a frittata, which is dead easy, so we didn’t stick around to watch. Instead, we moved onto the centre of the dome where all the fresh produce stalls were.

Dillon felt like a sweet treat of chocolate milk but the lines at the Dairy Farmers stand were too long. Just as we turned a corner we saw the Irrewarra Homestead Natural Ice cream stand making milkshakes with real ice cream – score! I love their tag line ‘Straight from the moo to you’. We took a picture of the milkshake next to the cute little cow figurine on the counter (see above).

Our next and last stop was the show bag pavilion. Upon entering I must admit that I was a little bit disappointed. It seemed so much smaller than when I was a kid (and I’m not much taller since then!). Did anyone else think that? I Um’d and Ah’d about whether to get the caramello koala show bag but decided against it.

May I make a suggestion please? Can someone please (yes you Green & Black’s) make a gourmet show bag. Please? I was looking all around for premium brands but found none. Zero. Take note entrepreneurs, marketers and PR people – there’s a market for gourmet show bags at the Easter Show. Fingers crossed for next year!

Although let’s not end on a sour note – I had a super fun time! A massive thank you to Elissa from Tourism New South Wales for providing us with tickets, I hope you enjoyed my review!

Chat to you soon, Christie x

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  • The twisty chips were great. Dagwoods not so good.

  • I too love dagwoods (oh god! I can’t believe I admitted that!)

  • Y

    Love the curly fries!

  • I think you’d lose a bit of drama if you kept the secret of the curly fries. The potato destruction looks like half the fun!

  • I just noticed the girl in the background of the Dagwoods shot.

    She is definitely considering plunking down her 5 bucks for one of those puppies.

  • My, Christie!
    Careful about those calories!
    My ozzie cricket friends in Shizuoka would surely love these after a game with their beer!
    Wasabi dressing is actually a product created by the wasabi growers in Shizuoka!

  • How fun, great shots by you! It’s funny, here in the states we call them corndogs, but your version sounds much more civilized! Thank you for the report!

  • Hey that is pretty cool how they made the chips fresh from potatoes!

    Dagwood dogs are so tasty, in moderation.

  • looks like a lot of fun! I like the name dagwood dogs better than Corn dogs.

  • I want a dagwood dog! That looks and sounds so good, especially the tomato sauce part!

  • What a fantastic day you had! We call them corn dogs but I agree with Jessie that dagwood dogs sounds so much nicer.

    And, whatever you do – do not research the term ‘dagwood dog’ and look at the urban dictionary definition … not appetizing and nothing to do with food :-)

    I love them slathered in tomato sauce as you’ve shown — fried deliciousness on a stick!

  • Dagwood dogs…is carnival food right? The spirit of carnival is fun and to not count the calories .. at least till some days…

    I’d like to try them, sounds very good for my palate crispy, buttery and in tomato sauce :)

    Wood chopping is a nice way to burn kcals of the dagwood dogs!!


  • What fun!
    I’m sure you don’t know this… but I always describe myself as “the average American gal who loves sunsets, CORN DOGS and SPF 30.”
    If you ever make it to Santa Monica I’m taking you for a “Hot Dog on a Stick.”

  • Ooh look at that first shot-brings back some lovely memories!

    I don’t understand people who pooh pooh the dagwood dog or corn dog. It’s all part of the experience!

  • AHHH I wish I went noooowww… gorge and gorge on food on stiicckkkkksss!

  • Oh, what a great time! Love the pics!


  • Now those are some yummy puppies. :)

  • I don’t eat pork anymore for ethical reasons but I am always sooooo bloody tempted at the show with those dag wood dogs … why I ask why?

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