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Posted on July 29, 2008 by ChristieEvents

[Sydney Organic Expo]

On arrival I was given a free show bag including Green & Black’s dark chocolate with orange and spices. I won’t say it was the highlight, but free chocolate comes pretty near the top of the list! Here’s my top 5 products of the day.


This was without a doubt the best meat stand of the Expo. Not only because they were cooking their delicious meat and the smell permeated for metres, but they were a very friendly bunch too! Their gorgeous farm in the Southern Tablelands of NSW is home to some very happy animals and it’s very obvious in the taste.

You can buy a whole cow that they butcher for you and vacuum pack into portions. So convenient. My chef friend Mario and I almost ordered one on the spot we were so excited. But alas, I took a deep breath and remembered I should probably consult Hubby Bear before such a huge purchase!


Mmmmm dairy. We all know how much I love it. This company makes the best single cream I’ve ever tasted and the girls kindly gave me a few freebies in exchange for a photo. Thanks ladies!

I tasted and took away their ‘Crow’s Ash’, a creamy brie rolled in ash to impart a smokey flavour; amazing! As well as a tub of Labna which is a type of yoghurt cheese marinated in olive oil. My Lebanese grandmother used to make this and hers will always be the best, but the Barambah one was good too.


I was so excited to chat to these guys because good olive oil is a thing of true beauty. I met my match in Danielle as we bounced recipe ideas off each other for their delicious infused oils; ginger, mandarin and basil. I bought a bottle of the mandarin and cannot wait to try it out with scallops, prawns and as Danielle suggests, asparagus. Come on Spring!

I also tried their green olives marinated in chilli and bought a pack right away. They’re really firm, peppery and perfectly fresh and I’m still deciding what to do with them (other than eating them while cooking dinner!)


Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and not heated above 45C – can it taste nice?
Yes! It’s extremely moreish, actually. I tried the version with goji berries and I could feel the serotonin flooding my brain immediately – really complex and smooth on the tongue.

I also tasted their chocolate coconut butter and deemed it ‘Nutella for adults’. I’d love it blended with Baileys, ice and milk for a creamy indulgent dessert drink.


I was helping my friend out at this stand and it was absolutely flooded with parents looking for healthy and organic snacks for their children. This range is imported from the UK and all the products have no added sugar, salt or preservatives.

The snacks are made especially for kids, but they’re great for big kids too, if you know what I mean! I loved the blackcurrant muesli bars and gingerbread men. They’re perfect for that 4 pm slump when you don’t want to reach for the tim tams, but want something low in salt and sugar.

Happy eating, Christie

  • What a cool show! I can’t even imagine all the great stuff you got to taste. Lucky girl.

  • Sounds like an amazing time, all the stalls sound great. I love events like this :)

  • Yay Christie!!! Thanks for all your help! And wasn’t it great to go around and just eat stuff? And the cheese! oh that cheese!

  • Y

    So you didn’t buy the whole cow? Tell me you bought the whole cow!

  • Noble Pig – there was loads of tasty things!

    Laura – me too. I bet they have great ones in NZ too.

    Ju’eta – You’re welcome. It was so much fun! Oh cheese… ;)

    Y – No! But there’s still time. You can buy online… and they deliver!

  • Goodie bag! And dark choc!
    I keep a slab of Green and Black Org Dark in my bag…and it’s not free, of course!

  • Oh how fun and what an amazing day!! I just love events like this, but just don’t have the time to attend one!
    Thanks for sharing all the great organic foods, I feel so much healthier already!
    And the olives, oh the olives….my favorite!

  • Tigerfish – Good idea! But I think I’d grow tubby pretty quickly if I had chocolate on hand whenever I craved it ;)

    WORC – I absolutely adore olives too. I had to tear myself away from the stand!

  • Ack! I wish I had gone but your post made me feel like I had been – and seen the best stuff :)

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