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Posted on October 12, 2010 by ChristieEvents

Last weekend I had my baby shower. It was held extremely late as I’m already 9 months pregnant, but it went off without a hitch (ie. I didn’t go into labour during the festivities!) and I got loads of fantastic gifts.

It was a spring theme because hubby and I have a flower name in mind for our little girl. No, it’s not daisy or rose.

My wonderful friend Lorraine – I’m sure you’ve read her blog Not Quite Nigella – made me these gorgeous mango and poppy seed flavoured cupcakes for the party. I just adore the little bees and lady birds, they’re so cute!

All the guests remarked on how lovely the cupcakes looked and were very upset that Lorraine wasn’t there to chat to about them. Alas, she’s a full time food and travel blogger these days and was jet-setting off on a media trip.

If you’d like to try making these cupcakes yourself then grab the cupcake recipe here on her blog.

Chat soon, Christie x

  • I’m so glad that you liked them darling! I am sorry that I couldn’t be there -I love baby showers as they’re always such happy events. I’m sure you’ll show me some photos from it though-I hope! ;)

  • She’s a gorgeous friend!

  • 9 months! Time flies… wish you a healthy bub and love these cupcakes. :)

  • Didn’t get one :(

  • They are absolutely DIVINE as if everything she makes! am enjoying your blog too! Best of luck with bubba :) SO exciting!

  • Vita

    Good luck with everything. The cupcakes were lovely.

  • Love flower names, very sweet, we have botanical names for our babies as well. We only have girls, otherwise might have had to choose Leif, or Forrest, although I am quite fond of Aspen.

  • These are the cutest cupcakes ever! Putting the little bees and ladybugs on toothpicks is such a clever idea, they look like they’re flying.

  • Very sweet cakes! Hope everything goes well and your bundle of joy brings you as much happiness as Mia does to us :)

  • sujatha
  • Thank you for your kind comments everyone ;)

  • Super cute! Is it poppy?

  • The cupcakes look so good, I’m going to jump over to the recipe and give them a whirl. (I’m not the best at baking, but I do try).

    Can we gave a clue what your going to call your little girl.

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