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Posted on December 21, 2008 by ChristieEvents

[Jam filled doughnut cupcakes… are you drooling?]

Let me be more specific. I love my food blogger friend Not Quite Nigella because on a recent visit she presented me with two gorgeous cupcakes. Isn’t she sweet?

Jam filled doughnut cupcakes. Only NQN could take two perfect substances and combine them to make something so heavenly. I especially liked the sugar cinnamon icing – it smelled so good!

These beautiful things had to be eaten with care and dignity so The Bear and I didn’t just gobble them straight from the box. Although we wanted to.

I served them up after dinner on nice plates with big dollops of freshly whipped cream with a little vanilla bean added. Absolute bliss.

Unfortunately I don’t have the recipe to share so you’ll just have to check the Not Quite Nigella blog over the coming weeks to get it. (I suggest adding her RSS feed so you don’t miss out!).

Thanks again you lovely girl, hopefully I can make you something nice next year!

Happy cooking, Christie

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  • Aww thankyou gorgeous girl Christie! Here’s to next year and hanging out a lot more-you’re so much fun!

    Love you lots, Lorraine

  • Wow, those do look scrumptious! Would love the recipe when you get it.

  • Darcie

    Yummy! How delicious do those look!?

  • Yep, I’m drooling. I like the pink ribbon too!

  • I recently discovered NQG, great blog. I’m a bit jealous of your doughnut cupcakes… Okay make that a lot!

  • Oops make that NQN:-)

  • Lorraine – Yay for Palm Beach! ;)
    Julie – She’s clever isn’t she? Will do!
    Darcie – They tasted fantastic too!
    Arwen – That was on the box, she’s a lovely wrapper NQN ;)
    Marc – Sorry! I would have shared if you lived closer. Maybe.

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