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Posted on October 27, 2008 by ChristieEvents

Last weekend I did the unthinkable. I attempted to eat 5 desserts in one night! I was invited by Billy from A Table For Two to attend his Stickier & Sweeter Sydney Tour: One Night Sugar Hit event.

With such a a fabulous concept it’s no wonder he was chosen for the second round of the Foodbuzz 24,24,24 articles. Here’s how it went down…

The premise was to celebrate Good Food Month Sugar Hits and consume as many as possible in one night. Sugar Hits, for those who are unsure, are desserts created by selected hotels in Sydney and served every night during October between 9pm and 11pm. They all cost $20 and are served with a glass of dessert wine.

I’m not really a dessert person so I was quite nervous about whether or not I could complete the task. And sure enough Helen from Grab Your Fork and Billy have a massive sweet tooth and really put me to shame. I only took a small taste of each dish whereas they dug right in and pretty much finished every plate!

So without further adieu, here’s the sugar extravaganza in all it’s glory. Click on the hotel names to get a full description of each dish. Enjoy:

Maybe it was beginners luck, but this was my favourite of the evening. The cheesecake had a gorgeous texture and wasn’t too sweet. The coconut sorbet was creamy without cloying and the little butterscotch hit was just right.

The Intercontinental
Oh how I love chestnut puree – it was the clear standout. Unfortunately the panna cotta was too firm and I wasn’t a fan of the torte either. Gorgeous setting though, a very posh hotel.

The Sydney Harbour Marriott
The only part I liked was the mango rice pudding although it was more like a super light mango mousse with about 5% rice. I’m going to try making rice pudding this way, it’s far superior than the gluggy regular version. Also, by this point I was ready to stop – too much sugar!

The Four Seasons
I absolutely adored the chocolate mousse! If I wasn’t so ridiculously full I would have inhaled it in 3 seconds. Alas, I only managed 1 small spoonful. Special shout out to the apricot jelly, yum!

Hurray I made it! I thought the presentation of this dish was one of the best of the night but the bizarre flavours and textures let it down. I actually really liked the ‘liquorice’ strawberry which upon tasting was actually flavoured with star anise. I’m usually a fan of mascarpone, but like Helen, found the taste of egg a bit too much to handle.

It was such a fantastic night! But I did feel a little sick afterward. No sweet stuff now for at least a week! :)

Happy eating! Christie

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  • This makes me feel so much better about my boyfriend and I’s dinner + sugar hit x 2 adventure the other week! We felt so naughty! We did Four Seasons and Intercontinental. We found Intercontinental to have much better ambience etc than Four Seasons, but the desserts were so-so, at the Four Seasons the pours of the cognac were generous, and that mousse! Fantastic!

  • Now that is my kind of night. You must have had a blast! They all look great!

  • Quite an “enviable” task Christie! I can only imagine the sugar overload by the end of the evening!

  • This is a task I would have no problem accomplishing! Chesnut puree? I’ve never had the pleasure.

  • That sounds fantastic! What a great idea. You did well to manage 4 in one night!

  • You survived it! Your Shangrila one looks a bit different to ours which was the night after you went which is interesting. So the Swissotel is your weapon of choice?

  • Hahha that’s a genius idea of hitting up 5 places in one night!! I loved the Swissotel one too ^^! the cheesecake was divine!

  • Wow! What an effort! Too sweet for me though :-)

  • Thanks for coming Christie, and jogging along…. what a hoot! I think we did pretty well despite everyone looked rather pale at the end of the evening… hmmm now i feel like some! LOL

  • What a great event! I would have loved to join you, having a real sweet tooth and all.

  • Great idea, did you guys have dinner before hand ? Five desserts is a mammoth task!

  • I think I would be vibrating at the end of the night from all the sugar. I’d gladly do it!

    You’re one lucky lucky girl. :)

  • heh tops effort dude!

  • Jen

    hahaha… 5 desserts and 5 glasses of dessert wine? that’s a real sugar hit… lol, like Suze said, great effort!! :-)

    i haven’t been to a single one this year….

  • Y

    So did you guys have a plate each, or did you all tuck in from the one plate? I ask, because I see more than one dessert in some of the shots. And, did you get a sugar headache afterwards? ;D

  • Reemski – 2 after dinner is a good amount!

    Zoe – Yep. It was pretty fun ;)

    Peter G – Ah, I love when people are jealous of me, lol ;)

    Noble Pig – Seek out chestnut puree, so yummy.

    Susan – It was 5! Crazy times.

    Lorraine – I noticed that too. Yep, Swissotel was def my fav.

    Ffichiban – Loved the cheesecake!

    Jmez – I think you could have handled it!

    Billy – Thanks for inviting me and giving me a work out! Running to each venue sure took the guilty edge off!

    Mallika – Would love to have had you there!

    Howard – I had a very small bowl of pasta at 6pm. The desserts started at 9pm, so I was prepared.

    Dragon – Thanks! I did feel very lucky.

    ChocolateSuze – Cheers! :)

    Jen – I didn’t drink all the wine thank goodness!

    Y – Sugar headache is an understatement. I was positively woozy in a kind of pale sick feeling way. Not very attractive! And that’s with not eating most of each plate!

  • I admire your determination there Christie but I have to say, one dessert is a struggle for me, let alone five!

  • Helen – I assure you it was one heck of a struggle. Even kind of unpleasant at times… but I was invited as a special guest and I wanted to do my part proudly!

  • Where have I been. Now this is what I call dinner–Desert! Yum yum yummy.

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