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Posted on November 2, 2011 by ChristieCookware Tests

A few weeks ago I arrived home from an overseas trip to Paris, Budapest and Mallorca to find this book on my desk. How coincidental!

We were visiting relatives in Paris – my brother in law and his wife are pregnant (congrats guys! So excited to have a cousin for Poppy) – so we got treated to awesome home cooking and got the low-down on where to eat, play and shop. Magnifiques!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have relatives in Paris (sorry!), and want to visit, then this is the book for you.

Janelle reveals many hidden gems in each of the arrondissements (neighbourhood districts) as well as her favourite markets, cafes, museums and more. Food lovers will especially love the chapter named ‘Flavour’.

Whether you have been to Paris and want to reminisce, or are doing research for a future trip, this lovely book is a beautifully photographed guide for things to do, see and eat that are off the beaten track.

Before I go, I thought I’d share with you a fantastic photo from our trip to Paris. This was taken inside the lift of the Eiffel Tower where baby Poppy performed for a large group of Asian tourists.

She was making a ‘kiss’ face with her lips and much to their delight we gave permission for them to take a photo. However, we didn’t realise that she would totally get papped when so many people whipped out their camera or video camera! I’m assuming the video will turn up on YouTube one day. If you see it, let me know :)

Christie x

Fig & Cherry received the book for review with compliments of Macmillan Publishers Australia. It is due for release on 8th November 2011. RRP $49.95.

  • Sue Dodd

    Hi Christie
    I have just finished reading Janelle Mc Culloch’s book La Vie Parisiennne. I love all things French. So now I will now have to pick up a copy of her new gather idaes for my next trip. Thanks for the heads up.


    • Hi Sue, Good timing! The photography in this one is very evocative and I’m sure you’ll find (too) many delicious things to do for your next trip :) Christie

  • It’s always nice to find the real soul of a city.
    What a fun photo, lucky Poppy wasn’t shy! When I was tiny I had bright blonde hair, which when teamed with my blue eyes and white skin- augmented by a dusting of baby powder to make me even whiter, made me a huge hit when the Ahmahs took me out in the pram in Singapore. The locals would touch my hair for luck, and I’m sure for a fee! Maybe I should have refused to smile unless I got a share too?

    • Oh wow, that is so funny! Yes, Asian people love big blue-eyed, blonde-haired babies :)

  • Oh my gosh, what a cute photo Asian tourists taking a photo of Poppy! Janelle’s book looks awesome. I gotta find this here in Canada :)

  • What a delightful looking book. Sounds like you had a great holiday. I have to ask, how did you go with Poppy on a plane for all that distance?

    • Sorry Julia, just saw your Q – the plane trips were a nightmare! Poppy was extremely bored and I had to walk her around the whole time. She also couldn’t sleep in the bassinet because it was too small and she couldn’t roll over and get comfy. My only saving grace was that I was still breastfeeding her and that helped settle her and with the cabin pressure too. Christie

  • Mariah

    Having lived in England travelled to Paris I of course fell in love with the stunning city. It’s lovely to hear about your experience and comic stories. I was wanting to know if this book is based on the food and cafes in Paris or rather the environment and experience? :-)

    • Hi Mariah, Thanks for your question. The book is a well-rounded view of Paris with chapters about places to go, things to do and gorgeous sightseeing opportunities that are off the beaten track. Food is in there, but is not the main focus, I just wrote mainly about those as I thought that is what my foodie readers would want to know about. I hope you enjoy the book!

      • Mariah

        Thank-you very much Christie! This is a definate buy for both a good friend of mine and myself for Christmas! It’s exactly what I was looking for :-) You have such a wonderful and interesting website — I love it!!!
        Thank-you once again for the help.

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