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Posted on April 17, 2011 by ChristieSweet Treats, Vegetarian

One of the nicest women I have encountered via the wonderful world of blogging is Nanette from Gourmet Worrier. We have so far only ‘met’ online but we are hoping to rectify that this year. However, I have met her lovely husband in real life and collaborated with him on a few projects.

We were initially introduced when I, being the bossy boots/helpful/nosey person that I am, emailed her about a bug I noticed on her blog and then our friendship blossomed from there. She recently sent me the most gorgeous apron for Poppy and I’m busting for her to be old enough to wear it in the kitchen with me!

Anyway, Nanette has Maltese heritage and at Easter time they traditionally make these yummy biscuits called Figolli. So naturally, she invented World Figolli Day and has invited all her blogging friends to make them too.

All the Figolli entries are posted at this Flickr group so do click through and check out the fantastic baking skills of many talented people and some much better decorated ones than mine. See below.

I just love baking new things at Easter so this get together was right up my alley. You might remember last year I made Hot Cross Buns for the first time and stashed half of them in the freezer. This year I’m making something a rich dessert with them, stay tuned this week for the recipe.

I used Nanette’s recipe for Figolli but substituted some of the almonds in the filling for 250g of hazelnuts. I hope you give them a go, they are a bit fiddly but really easy – enjoy!

Happy cooking, Christie x

  • Hi darling, so glad you decided to jump on the figolli bandwagon and give them a go! Both Dante and Lucia love making and eating figolli at Easter and I’m sure that when Poppy is old enough to wear that apron, that she’ll enjoy them too!

  • I love the stuffed little bunnies! I think these lovely cookies definitely need world recognition, and what better way than this!

  • What a cute idea, and right now I’m thinking of the endless possibilities for the bunny fillings. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be back.

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  • They look so cute! April is definitely the start of baking time for me as it gets so cold..

  • Hello!
    The bunnies look great…very much within the Easter theme and recogniseable as such! Good idea to substitute the almonds with hazelnuts though i think that traditionally here in Malta only almonds are used. In poorer households it’s the substitute for ground almonds that’s used to be the norm then some essence makes up for the taste. So glad you tried them out and joined this old Maltese tradition. A happy easter to you and your family.

  • These little stuffed cookies look so delicious! I would love your version beacuse I love hazelnuts and chocolate :-) Happy Easter ~

    marie, the EpicureanPiranha

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