German the Herman Friendship Cake3

Posted on September 30, 2014 by ChristieNorthern Rivers Stories, Sweet Treats


As she walked towards me with a glass jar adorned with jasmine flowers I felt equal parts excitement and pure anxiety.

“It’s German the Herman Friendship cake. Do you know about it?”

My anxiety levels rose. And no doubt my face looked fearful.

Herman. Yes, I certainly did know him.

A sourdough cake batter that is lovingly nurtured for 9 days on your kitchen bench before being divided up and shared with friends to do the same. On the 10th day, you bake him into a delicious cake.

All of which sounds right up my alley on any usual day.

But I was on the eve of being home alone with two sick kids while hubby was overseas working for 2 weeks.

See why I was anxious?

My beautiful, thoughtful friend Zanni had chosen me to share her Herman with. Chosen me to keep him alive and well. To love him and transform him into an edible feast.

But could I do it? Did I want to?

Yes and yes (and a little bit of no), but I rose to the challenge and I did it.

I kept you abreast of the progress on Facebook and Instagram and you wanted to see the final result. So here it is.


I sprinkled it with a little raw cacao to add to the ‘old’ rustic nature of the cake. Are you buying it?

Although a lot of fun, I’m a little sad to report that I was not overly enthralled with the taste. It was nice, but I wanted it to be NICER for all the effort. Still, I enjoyed the process. And I ate fermented cake. Pretty darn cool.

You can get the recipe and read more about the cake’s origins here.

 Christie x

    I applaud you for your courage in undertaking this feat, especially considering your circumstances! I must admit, I’m curious about the taste AND about the health benefits of fermented cake. Thank you for this introduction!

  • Oh no! Sorry to cause you unnecessary work and anxiety! You should have left him with me until a better time :) The first one we made was unbelievably good. I must have gone hard on the butter and sugar. After that he was a bit too sour for my taste, and too dry. But I have still got starter, so if you want more, I can help :)

  • Oh wow, I have never heard of this kind of cake before! I’ll have to tell my partner, he fancies himself a baking expert ;)

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