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Posted on December 9, 2013 by ChristieGluten Free, Sweet Treats, Vegetarian


Just when you thought all the brownie flavours were played out… bam! I present you with christmas cake brownies. Chocolatey squares that are delightfully supercharged with dried fruit, spices and blanched almonds.

You’re welcome.

Two beautiful desserts come together here in one festive treat that is so versatile. Serve in small squares with coffee or tea, plate up with custard as dessert, sneak a bit from the fridge between meals, or maybe for breakfast – hey, it’s the holidays, live a little! 


The boozy addition of brandy is totally optional but highly recommended. It really makes them taste extra christmassy!

Are you one of those people that only eats brownies plain, or can you handle a few flavours? I’m a definitely gotta have toasted walnuts kinda girl!

Christie x

Christmas cake brownies

serves 10

  • 1/2 cup mixed dried fruit (including peel)
  • 1/4 cup glace cherries
  • 60ml (1/4 cup) brandy (optional)
  • 250g butter, chopped
  • 250g dark chocolate, chopped
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or pure extract
  • 60ml (1/4 cup) Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite
  • 3/4 cup gluten free plain flour (I used Orgran brand)
  • 1 teaspoon guar gum (or xantham gum)
  • 1.5 teaspoons mixed spice
  • 3 large eggs
  • 20 blanched almonds

1. Heat oven to 190C. Grease and line a 20cm square slice tin. Place the dried fruit and cherries into a small bowl with the brandy (if using) and half a cup of boiling water. Set aside to soak.

2. Place the butter, chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla and soymilk into a saucepan and stir constantly over medium heat until melted, smooth and glossy. Allow to cool for 5 minutes.

3. Place the the gluten free flour, guar gum and mixed spice into a large mixing bowl and stir to combine.

4. Crack the eggs into a separate bowl and whisk until well combined. Add the melted chocolate mixture and stir well. Fold in the flour mixture, then the dried fruit.

5. Pour into prepared tin and smooth the top. Garnish with blanched almonds and bake for 25 minutes until mostly set with a very slight wobble. Allow to cool in the tin until room temperature or chill in the fridge until completely cold. Serve in small squares with coffee or plate up with custard as dessert.

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  • Tina @ bitemeshowme

    Oh i love this christmas spin on the normal brownie!

    • I’m a real fusion recipe type of chick, except when it comes to Lebanese food. Then it must be rustic traditional all the way!!!

  • Lynda @HomeleaLass

    Christie these sound and look delicious! It’s the combination of 2 great sweets!


    • Yes! I had a feeling you might like these Lynda :)

      • Lynda @HomeleaLass

        He he! I haven’t baked anything for ages so I’m definitely making these!

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    ‘including peel’

    This right here is why I love you.

    • Haha! Is that because you love peel? Or because I am overly descriptive? Either way, I’d make these for you in a heartbeat.

  • cupcakemuffin

    Lovely! These sound unique and delicious!

    • Thanks! I just thought christmas cake would taste a lot better with a shot of chocolate – and I was right! :)

  • Gourmanda

    Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. I am ALL about the nuts in chocolate brownies – I have to admit that fruit doesn’t really come to mind!

  • The Hungry Mum

    ooooh, YUM! This looks so dense & delish – it would last about 30 seconds in my house before being demolished.

  • Lynda @HomeleaLass

    Christie I have a baking dilemma – when I add the dried fruit at the end do I add the boiling water it’s soaking in, or do I remove the dried fruit from the boiling water?


    • Linda!! I am so sorry I have just seen your comment! Add the fruit drained! First time I made it all the water got soaked up but second time it needed to be drained. I will amend these instructions. I hope they worked out for you!!!! Xx

      • Lynda @HomeleaLass

        Ah ha! My gut feeling was that I needed to drain the water! I went with brain over gut and added the water, and it still turned out edible. :) I’ve made another batch today (without the water) and they’re looking and smelling good.

        Thanks for your help,

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