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[Pomegranate & hibiscus champagne cocktail with spiced macadamia nuts]

Don’t groan! Yes, it’s another recipe using POM wonderful, I’m sorry. I’m addicted. Help!

The blogosphere is awash with recipes for pomegranate juice after a lot of us received free bottles of it. There’s been granita, tagine, cake, salad dressing and others. Do you think we can fit one more in? Oh OK then.

The truth is I’m now addicted to POM Wonderful. Hopelessly addicted. I sneak a few sips throughout the day and think about new ways to incorporate it into recipes.

I guess I’m living proof that sending someone free samples actually works. Especially if they’re sent to a health nut like me that’s a sucker for 100% juice (juice that I don’t have to make a mess in my kitchen for and that is delivered in a cute little cooler bag right to my door).

I’ve been rationing my remaining 2 bottles by mixing it with sparkling mineral water and a squeeze of lime. Sometimes I add a little gin. It would be good with vodka too.

But once you’re riding the slippery slope of a pre-dinner alcoholic drink then you definitely need something to nibble with it. Enter spicy macadamias, stage left. Champagne cocktail, stage right.

If you’re serving them at a party then please don’t forget the charms for your glasses! They’re super cute and hygienic too. A good combo for a semi-OCD like me that avoids additional germs at all costs (and likes to be hostess with the mostess).

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Sorry to my international and interstate friends, you must be able to make your own way to Sydney if you win. I wish I was rich enough to pay for your flights (but thanks to those cheeky people who asked!).

Hope you win! Christie x

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Pomegranate and hibiscus champagne cocktails
no quantities so you can make as many as you like!

Edible hibiscus flowers (see here)
Pomegranate juice, chilled (I used POM wonderful)
Champagne or Sparkling wine

1. Place an edible hibiscus flower in the bottom of a champagne flute and pour over 30ml (use a shot glass to measure) of pomegranate juice.

2. Fill the glass with chilled champagne and serve. Easy, huh? Enjoy!


Spiced macadamia nuts
makes 2 cups

2 cups raw macadamia nuts
pinch ground chilli powder
pinch paprika
pinch fine sea salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1. Mix together the nuts, spices and vegetable oil in a large bowl until all the nuts are evenly coated.

2. Heat a large frying pan over high and add the nut mixture. Dry fry until golden brown, about 5 minutes, shaking them around the pan constantly. Don’t move away, they burn easily! Remove to small bowls and serve with the cocktails.

  • I think I’d like one with vodka thanks!…great macadamia nuts Christie!

  • i love a pink drink. especially when it involves bubbles :)

    (your glass charms are gorgeous too. hear hear for the anti-germ squad!)

  • The edible hibiscus is such a pretty idea!

  • Mmmm I think I could do with a few gin and POMs right now…

  • Very cute champagne cocktails! I’m a total POM addict too-I’ve got another recipe but I’m to embarrassed to publish it should I require the services of POMmers Anonymous.

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  • I’ve tried hibiscus in champagne before, and it was truly delicious. Gin, vodka, anything to take the edge off at the end of the day for me.

  • Great idea, I’ve been cutting my pom with sparkling water, so using champagne seems like the next logical step. Your nuts look gorgeous. Thanks for the link:-)

  • The combination looks so good!

  • The unique combo of hibiscus and pomegranate sound so sweetly complimentary. What a wonderful idea!

  • @PeterG – One vodka and POM, coming right up! :)
    @Shez – My mum got me those wine charms. Yay for another clean freak ;)
    @Arwen – They’re tasty too. Sweet with a slightly rubbery texture.
    @FFichiban – Me too.
    @Lorraine – Let’s start the club, POM-AA.
    @Helen – yes spirits certainly help a little.
    @Marc – np ;) I love your tagine!
    @Sophie – thank you!
    @Passionate Eater – Thanks, it’s a very yummy combination.

  • Sounds Delicious. I love that pre-dinner cocktail idea, think I’ve been having a few too many lately that are sans snacks, need to rectify this with your delicious sounding spiced nuts!

  • Wheee! I love it! This looks absolutely amazing!

    I turned half of my case into sorbet, and have been trying to figure out what to do with the rest. Thanks for an easy solution. :D


  • Two of my favorite things: champagne and macadamia nuts!
    I’ve been getting a slug of hot sauce sent to me recently… sure would love some POM. Pould in a good word for me, would you?

  • wow who would of thought this combination come together so well… you have to try this people :)


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