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Posted on November 21, 2008 by ChristieBreakfast, Snacks & Starters, Vegetarian

[Pear, cheese and cracked black pepper snack]

I go through trends with the snacks that I have for morning or afternoon tea and this is my latest obsession.

Unfortunately I have to admit that it’s not my own fabulous idea. That accolade belongs to The Bear’s lovely Aunt Virginia. When she was last visiting she mentioned she ate this gorgeous combination for breakfast on toast and I immediately fell in love with the idea.

So when I was searching for my afternoon snack the next day I quickly bypassed the peanut butter in favour of some low fat cheddar, a ripe pear and freshly cracked black pepper on my beloved Vita Wheat 9 grains crackers. Eureka! It’s delicious. You really should try it.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll no doubt have seen me banging on lately about how much I love this combination, so I’m sorry if you’re reading this thinking ‘oh no, hopefully she’ll stop after this post’. OK, yes I will.

But not before I let you know about the versatility of this yummy snack and the reason why I love it so much. I’ve tried substituting the cheese and fruit elements with much success; ricotta and apple, brie and pear, mascarpone and strawberries, feta and grapes – always with a generous grind of black pepper to keep it nice and savoury.

Do you know the reason why I love it though? Because I feel like I’m having dessert in between meals. I’m not much of a sweet person, you see, I much prefer cheese after my meal. So by eating this in the afternoon a few hours before dinner-time I can satifsy my dessert cravings in advance. Pure genius.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Happy cooking, Christie

ps. I’m still in London and have had some excellent meals, so expect some reviews coming up real soon! Also, I’m meeting up with a bunch of London food bloggers next week so you’ll be hearing all about that too. Chat soon x

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  • Hi Christie!

    Wonderful snack and it’s very versatile..looks great ;)
    In that way you’ve a dessert always in advance!
    Ricotta and apple are my favorites too and they go excellent for tea time!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods

  • I love Vita wheat 9 Grain crackers! Definitely a healthy combination Christie.

  • we love pear slices here. i usually toss them into cottage cheese for lunch, but i like the idea of pairing it with cheese on a cracker for lunch. my 2y0 would probably even go for the black pepper! thx for visiting and commenting at kid appeal. :)

  • I’ve never tried all these flavors together, but I’m inspired.

  • Would have never dreamt of mixing cheese with biscuits + fruits but looks really good.

  • Y

    That looks yummy! I don’t know about calling it dessert though – I would just feel like I’m cheating myself a little bit ;P

  • Gera – I love ricotta and apple too!
    Peter G – I hope I get some free now :)
    Jenna – Ah yes, love cottage cheese too – with apricots.
    Shari – Glad to hear it!
    Family First – Thanks, I hope you try it.
    Y – That’s because you’re such a sweet tooth! ;P

  • I used to eat cheese and apple sandwiches, but the feta and grapes combination sounds heavenly. I’ll have to get some grapes!

  • Haha dessert during the day! I knew you’d find a way to sneak it in! ;)

  • YUM!! You never cease to amaze, my dear friend! I’ll definitely try this…as soon as my fridge is fixed and I can keep some cheese in there. Until then, I’ll wait to hear how your trip is going!! xoxo

  • Wow, that sounds and looks delicious! It really stood out to me on Tastespotting.

  • Arwen – Let me know what you think! It’s good with both red and green grapes.
    Lorraine – Ah, You know me too well ;)
    Michelle – Thank you darling!
    Katie – Thanks for alerting me – I wasn’t aware it had made it onto tastespotting!

  • I just saw a recipe that intrigued me for apples, dried cherries and blue cheese on baguette toasts. I think some cooking was involved. I guess the theme can go as simple or as complicated as you like.

    That said, your simple combo of pear, cheddar and black pepper on crackers sounds divine!

  • Jen

    ha! that’s gonna be my breakfast tomorrow! you make my usual snack of plain vita-weat sesame crispbreads look lonely!

  • You have excellent taste in snacks. :)

  • Rebecca

    OMG! I’m not alone with my cheese and fruit obsession! :-) I often slice an apple and a few bits of low fat cheddar and eat them for a snack……love the other suggestions though, must give them a try.

  • Just the black pepper flecked all over makes me go …yeah!! This looks like an amazing appetizer, will have to try it for my next party!

    Welcome back from London! Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  • Shouxing

    My flatmate in Melbs turned me on to pear with cheese and crackers, but we tended to use a nice blue cheese to go with it.
    Another favourite of mine is slightly sour apples with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and chilli powder on cheese. It’s nice if you can take the spice!

    Great catching up with you in London, I can still taste the soft shell crab and wasabi mayo!


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