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Posted on September 25, 2008 by ChristieGluten Free, Snacks & Starters, Vegetarian

I feel a bit silly providing a recipe for these but they’re just so adorable that I had to share them. Don’t you agree?

I’d already decided on the tabbouli and potato salad for the BBQ when I remembered the gorgeous combination of Caprese salad.

My brain immediately started ticking over and this canape kind of popped right into my thoughts. I love it when that happens!

The best thing is that you get just the right amount of each flavour and there’s no fighting over the last basil leaf on the plate.

The shot glasses I served the salads in are actually part of a Tequila set with a little bowl for the salt and a plate for the lime wedges.

I used the salt bowl for toothpicks and the plate to hand them around. Although I could have washed them and served Tequila later on! Maybe for my next dinner time BBQ…

Happy cooking, Christie

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Mini Caprese Salads
serves 10 as canape (can be doubled infinitely)

10 baby bocconcini balls
10 cherry tomatoes
10 small basil leaves
10 toothpicks
10 shot glasses (optional, to serve)

Skewer each toothpick with a bocconcini ball, tomato and basil leaf. Place in a shot glass or lay out on a platter to serve.

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  • I agree…these are cute Christie and so easy to make. Such clever presentation!

  • I’ve made something very similar for parties that we’ve had, but never served them so beautifully. What a good use of a tequila set!

  • wow this makes a perfect appetizer for dinner parties! looks yummy too!

  • Y

    Yes, very cute. Glad you shared! :)

  • very pretty indeed, love the bright colours … happy birthday once again ;)

  • Great ideal for cocktail hour. Hors D’oervres like these allow me to skip dinner and just sup on appetizers.

  • These look amazing! I love how they are served in a shot glass.

  • Salad on a stick is one of my favorite ways to eat it.

  • Sina

    WOW… impressive, a great idea and how delicious & tasty does that look ? Christie.. another success & brilliant idea

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  • Peter G – Thank you! I’m quite proud of the presentation.

    Kathryn – Agreed! Tequila at lunch isn’t very dignified ;)

    Jessie – They’re great for a fun lunch for one too!

    Y – Thanks, you’re sweet.

    Noobcook – Thank you!! I love the colours too.

    Peter – Hehe. Probably not wise to skip dinner!

    Culinary Cory – Thanks and thanks for dropping by!

    Noble Pig – Salad on a stick. I like that.

    Sina – Thanks for coming by!! I’ll make them for you one day.

  • Such a cocktail classic these ones! And they are great success with everyone!

  • ces

    omg! i know what you mean! but they really deserve a post, pretty! i’m going to do this love love caprese salad, in all forms and presentation!:) this is my new fave;)

  • We have something very similar on our site and we call them mozzarella skewers. They’re so cute! I love how you serve them in shot glasses!

  • The looks so beautiful and elegant

  • Foodjunkie – Absolutely! Everyone loves their own mini salad!

    Ces – Thanks – glad you agree :)

    Hillary – The shot glasses really add something don’t they?

    Happy Cook – Thanks and thanks for dropping by!

  • Oh, my goodness! These are adorable. What a fantastic presentation (for an equally fantastic combination of things)! Thanks for sharing!

    a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  • adorable and creative. i would drizzle some olive oil or maybe a dollop of pesto on top for a bit of extra flavor.

  • Those look adorable in the shot glasses! Very pretty.

  • SO CUTE!!

  • chefval

    so cute, i still remember i used to do it when i was still having my internship in dubai.. hahha..

  • How cute, mini caprese salads in vodka shot glasses

  • This are really cute for appetizers.

  • Kim

    Well, if this isn’t fun!? This is my favorite salad of all time and I never would have dreamed this mini version up. I can’t wait until our next porch night on the grill and this perfect starter! (I’ll confess it was your idea.)

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  • I love caprese, never seen it done in miniature though. Brilliant idea for an appetizer.

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