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Posted on December 11, 2012 by ChristieBreakfast, Vegetarian

Do you go through phases with breakfast? I do.

Sometimes I’ll eat muesli for weeks on end, or porridge every day in winter, or soft boiled egg on toast until I run out of eggs.

Not my hubby. He would eat cereal every day of his life if it wasn’t for me offering up different delights. Oh, I lie. He did change it up a few days a week in his late teens when he ate pop tarts. Remember those? Gross.

As we eat such healthy breakfasts at home, when we go out for breakfast we almost always order something decadent like bacon and egg rolls or eggs benedict with smoked salmon.

That’s why I was so surprised when he ordered a very healthy option recently. And he LOVED it. It became his new favourite breakfast to order at this one particular cafe.

Rye toast with avocado, pesto and lemon.

Who would have thought this combo could be so good?!

I decided to give him the cafe experience at home with some freshly made pesto that I had left over from the eggplant and pesto linguine I made yesterday. I didn’t have any rye toast on hand, so multigrain had to do, but it was still great.

Spread a little pesto on hot toast, add some chunky avo slices and mash a bit, squeeze some lemon over and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Maybe a drizzle of olive oil. Scrumptious!

Definitely a new favourite breakfast at home (and much cheaper too!).

What’s your favourite breakfast right now? Is it a phase?

Christie x
  • Chris HyeThymeCafe

    By no stretch of the imagination could I ever be considered a morning person, so breakfast for me has pretty much always meant a drive-thru coffee from Dunkin Donuts, with the occasional bagel thrown in for good measure. I can’t bring myself to get up any earlier than absolutely necessary to dress myself and throw on some eyeliner on the way out the door. This does sound very interesting though, so I’ll have to try it as a “breakfast supper” or late-night snack sometime soon. :)

    • Hi Chris, You’re right, this doesn’t just have to be for breakfast it would work at any time of the day. Late night snack is a great idea! Would love to hear what you think if you try it. Christie

  • Erica

    I eat porridge for breakfast, pretty solidly all year round unless it’s really hot. sometimes i have fruit on it, sometimes honey, sometimes jam or marmalade… but i’m very porridge focused! quick and easy in the microwave. According to my father, it was one of the first foods I ate and have been happily eating it ever since!

    On weekends I like to have eggs, baked beans and toast, sometimes with a bit of avocado depending on whats about, to mix it up a bit, but on weekdays it’s all about quick and easy :)

    • Erica

      …but this looks delicious and I’ll have to try it out! :)

      • Oh I love a scoop of jam on porridge, but where I live it is too hot most of the year for it. I hope you give this a try as one of your weekend breakfasts :)

  • Mel

    I like to mix it up at breakfast otherwise I get bored. I can eat the same thing for a few days/weeks running then I need to switchero things. I like this breakfast. Another good option that my FAV cafe in Sydney does is Avo topped with Persian feta, mint and a squeeze of lemon with black pepper. OMG!

    • Oh wow, avo, feta and mint sounds incredible! Will have to try that combo for sure.

  • Woaaaah. This sounds like a fabulous breakfast combination! I often go through stages as well. I’ve been going through a bit of a fruit smoothie stage atm – love em! :)

    • Oh yes, I’m a fan of a good fruit smoothie too. Haven’t made one for ages though – thanks for the reminder :)

  • Shelley Sackier

    This sounds awesome – and a little similar to my family’s favorite Sunday brunch – same toast, same avocado, but we put scrambled eggs beneath them and squeeze fresh lime over the top with a dash of salt and pepper. Can’t wait to try the pesto variation. Super!

  • I am completely salivating now Christie. My hubby gets home on Saturday after SIX weeks away and he’d love this. Yum. I’ve been eating my own muesli for a while now, could be time for a change.

  • This does sound yummy Christie! I tend to go through phases with my breakfast choices, sometimes it’s a tin of tuna for weeks :) I find I’m much happier with breakfast if I have something ready-to-go in the fridge as it saves me thinking too early in the morning!

  • Beth@BethMichelle

    My husband would also only eat cereal everyday if his life. Not only that, he would eat the same cereal everyday. Multi grain cherrios! This looks delicious. A perfect alternative!

  • Petra

    Have tried this about 4 weeks ago….and serve it as a quick and yummy meal at any time of the day ever since! Thanks Christie :-)

    • So glad to hear that Petra! You’re right, it’s great as a snack at anytime – especially for me right now when I get the pregnancy hungries :)

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