Hubby Fuel: Big Brekky Sambo (for errand running)7

Posted on October 2, 2011 by ChristieBreakfast

Next week we are heading overseas for a family holiday. We’ll be visiting Paris, Budapest and Majorca in just two weeks – we’re crazy like that.

It goes without saying that I’m very busy planning and packing for the trip and I have a confession to make – I’m scared to death of forgetting one of Poppy’s favourite toys. In particular, her Bunny. The one she needs to cuddle to get to sleep. There will be tears all round (mummy, daddy and baby) if that gets left behind.

Needless to say, I’ve been making lots of lists and I have another confession – I’m really O.C.D with lists. I love writing them and I love ticking them off.

Anyway, I’m sending hubby out with Poppy to run errands today while I pack the bags and get some last minute washing done (oh, the glamourous life of a Mum!), so I needed him to be fuelled up and ready to rumble.

My solution? A big egg and bacon sambo with melted cheese and BBQ sauce served on two slices of toasted ‘personal sourdough’ from Bourke St Bakery (Marrickville branch, of course!). The personal sourdough loaves are much smaller and therefore cut a more modest slice. Perfect for when you stuff it full of luscious fillings like I did – you don’t want your tummy getting filled up with too much bread!

Personally, this chunky concoction would make me go to sleep for the day, however men are another breed altogether, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that!

What do you like to eat to fuel up for a big day?

Christie x
  • My hubby would love this too. I LOVE lists!! The world works better with lists:-)
    For safe travelling with that ‘special’ toy , we’d pop a scrunchy around it’s neck/tummy, then attach it to a lanyard. You could then tie it onto anything or even put it around Mummy’s (not baby’s) neck for safety. My little used to take her favorite toys to preschool like that so it was close at hand but she had her hands free for playing, they all ended up with ring-necks, but it kept her happy:-)

    • Thank you for that great tip! Will definitely try the neck tie for Poppy’s bunny :)

  • My daughter (nearing 24 y/o) still has her favorite bear (Andre) on her bed. He’s kind of loved out and is thin from a sweet life of being loved. Keep that bunny safe and have bigtime fun on your vacay.

    Your hubby’s fuel brekky almost makes me ashamed enough to want to make my hubby a yummy morning feast before he does his errands.


  • Haha yes they are another species altogether, gotta love them! :D Mr NQN would love this too :) Have fun and have a great trip!

  • Lea

    I say get your hubby to take YOU to breakfast before all YOUR errands :P Mine tried to be romantic the other day and took me to a gorgeous brekkie in the city – food was amazing – he’s such a BLOKE but I still had a delicious great time!

  • This sounds like the perfect breakfast. I don’t think there is no other combination i enjoy more than bacon and eggs and this is a lovely recipe. Enjoy your vacation!

  • Yum! I love making sambos like this all the time. The sourdough makes it something ‘extra’ compared to using regular bread. Also sometimes I use tomato relish in place of BBQ sauce..

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