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Posted on May 15, 2010 by ChristieBreakfast, Vegetarian

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Lazy weekend breakfast

If I’m not going out for breakfast on the weekend then I like to spend a little bit of time and make something extra special.

It doesn’t have to be a large meal or use lots of ingredients, it just has to have one luxurious touch. In this case, porridge gets jazzed up with caramelised pears.

Other times I’ll make a compote with seasonal fruit like rhubarb or splurge by using truffle salt on scrambled eggs. They’re only small things but they make a big difference.

How I make porridge

I use half low fat milk and half water when I make my porridge and I know traditional people will cringe at that. I believe the authentic way is to use all water and add milk or cream at the end.

I always soak the oats in the milk and water in the saucepan for at least 10 minutes before I put them on the heat. I like the way they soak up the liquid and I think it achieves a creamier result. Even if it’s a weekday, I’ll pop the oats in the saucepan and run and do something else first (blow drying hair takes about 10 minutes!)

I always make porridge on the stove. I deliberately don’t own a microwave – although the reason for that is a whole other post in itself!

A loose recipe

Make the porridge however you feel comfortable and then stir in a pinch of cinnamon, a spoonful of dark brown sugar and a sprinkle of raisins and chopped walnuts. Keep warm.

Peel, core and slice 2-3 really ripe pears (they should be soft) and add to a small saucepan with a splash of water over medium heat.

Cook until the water is evaporated and the pears are heated through. Add a small knob of butter and about a teaspoon (or more, to taste) of dark brown sugar. Cook, stirring frequently until all the pears are coated in the butter/sugar mixture and become sticky.

Serve the pears on top of the porridge and sprinkle with extra sugar (it’s OK, it’s the weekend!).

Have a great weekend, Christie x


  • Oooh! This looks lovely and decadent…great for the cooler months! I would love to know your reasons for not owning a microwave (although I admit, mine gets hardly used!).

    • Promise I will post about why I don’t own a microwave in the near future ;)

      • rick

        The microwave is great but only for heating plates.

  • Mmmm this looks good. Porridge is such a winter warmer and a great start to the day.

  • Very lovely indeed. I’m inspired. Grazie!

  • porridge is a mainstay in our home, regardless of the fact that we live in steamy south texas. can’t live without it! my favorite add-ins are dried fig, pecans, brown sugar and a touch of cream. this sounds great, too!



  • This looks utterly delicious (and just the thing to make me feel better after a nasty early winter lurgy, too). I make my porridge the half water / half milk (and it has to be low fat as well) way, too – think it is definitely the best. Must try it with the pears… Yum!

  • This looks delicious – definitely going to try it out! For a quick weekday morning porridge, it’s great cooked on the stove with blueberries

  • Y

    Looks yummy! I haven’t started on porridge yet – just hasn’t seemed cold enough for me to crave it, but maybe now is the time to start. I’m thinking quinoa porridge, this Winter :)

    • I need to experiment with quinoa – looking forward to seeing your recipe.

  • Kaitlyn

    Well colour me curious – why do you not own a microwave? I think I would starve without mine!

    • I will post about it soon! :D

  • Jilly

    I just made this for breakfast. Just divine!
    Thank you for the lovely recipe. I will be making this again.

    • I’m so glad you liked it Jilly! I hope it was a chilly morning and it warmed you up :)

  • Never been a fan of porridge but this sounds great!

    • Me neither, but this is now my fav breakfast.

  • mmm, that’s a lovely touch for the porridge. It’s a good way to use pears that are too soft for lunchboxes too.

  • This is precisely why we can’t wait for the week end to begin!! :-)

  • My hubby would adore this – he’s the porridge eater in our house and anything caramel – it’s on his list.. shall email it to him now ;)

  • Ohh this looks like a lovely, cosy and warming breakfast.. Pears are in season too :) Yum!

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  • Amy

    My hubby would adore this – he’s the porridge eater in our house and anything caramel – it’s on his list.. shall email it to him now ;)

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  • Hi Christie,

    What a great recipe. I’m a huge and devout fan of porridge, and like you, enjoy treating myself to an extra special concoction at the weekend.
    I had a go at this one this morning, and really enjoyed it. It was deliciously sweet, indulgent and with great texture.

    I also neglect to soak my oats presuming that it wouldn’t make a real difference using low fat milk, but how right you were. I’ll ensure I follow suit in future.

    I’ve been blogging a little about porridge over the past couple of weeks, and have just posted my own favourite recipe on my site.

    Please check it out; I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

    Best wishes,
    Laura aka The Scoffing Cow
    (another microwave-less and cookbook obsessive food junkie!)

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