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Posted on September 22, 2010 by ChristieBreakfast, Taste Tests

Last weekend my lovely mother in law and her lovely sister drove down from the far North Coast to deliver my hubby’s childhood cradle.

Altogether now… awwwww.

My baby girl is going to love it (in November).

On the way, they stopped just outside Port Macquarie and grabbed me some super-ripe tomatoes and tomato relish.

Not just any tomatoes, Ricardoes Tomatoes. From Ricardoes farm where you can pick your own tomatoes and strawberries by the bucket-full.

In possession of such wonderful produce I could only do one thing – cook!

So I whipped up some bacon scrambled eggs and then layered them onto hot buttered toast with avocado, fresh tomato and Ricardoes Tomato Relish.

Easy! To make perfect scrambled eggs (my way), see my recipe forĀ pancetta scrambled eggs.

I reckon you’d pay up to $15 for this at a cafe, but we enjoyed it in our sunny kitchen for less than half that price.

Besides, I love layering up on toast and cafes always serve everything separately with toast to one side.

I realise it’s so there’s no customer hissy fits, but if I owned a cafe I would layer my breakfast dishes and say ‘tough luck’ to anyone who didn’t like it.

What do you think? To layer or not to layer?

Chat soon, Christie x

  • Definately to layer. Only 3 year olds should be able to complain if different foods touch each other on their plates!

  • I unlayer anyway, but like the display!

  • So beautifully plated!

  • Yum! That looks delicious and I bet you’re glad to be home and making these :)

  • I have long harboured a secret wish to own a cafe that only serves breakfast called “Sunnyside” open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 90% of the time when I go out for dinner all I feel like is a really good eggs benedict. (not that any of the resteraunts near me know hollandaise from the hole in thier arse)

    This is going on my fantasy cafe menu, alongside “the swankie yankie” (Blueberry bagel with cream cheese & crunchy house cured bacon)

    I like it all stacked & layered. I think the toast on the side is just a lazy thing some cafes do when thier service isn’t fast enough.

    • Ha! I love your feisty attitude Shannon :)

  • What ime are you serving. I wanna be there for this divine breakfast!!

  • What a lovely breakfast! A breakfast for champions!


  • Mmmm….North Coast tomatoes are fab even at this time of year! Whenever we trek to Port Stephens for a long weekend I always stop at the farm stands for the best Anna Bay tomatoes – full of flavour and sunshine.

  • Hi! I found your blog today and have really enjoyed your posts and your photos. This recipe sound like a breakfast winner.

  • Looks yum

  • I don’t mind the layering Christie…it looks classy! The relish sounds divine!

  • Layer me up! Looks fabulous. I like tomatos but I’m crazy about strawberries. I’ll have to visit Ricardoes one day and bring them home by the bucket load :)

  • restaurant quality !!

    or even better =)

  • beautiful photo and hte recipe looks delicious !!Bravo Pierre

  • THe relish has me sold and the colour of the tomato in your photo is mouth wateringly good.

  • yes indeed I love the layers. I made something similar to this dish the other day and just loved it. Thanks for sharing

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