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  1. Creamy rhubarb and mandarin compote - October 1, 2012

    Rhubarb is given a zesty zing with mandarin and a creamy edge with soy milk. With ice cream, on porridge or as a snack, it's very versatile to have on hand.

    Breakfast Featured Gluten Free Sweet Treats Vegan Vegetarian

  2. Miso eggplant with rice noodles {vegan} - September 24, 2012

    When you get a craving, the only thing to do is go with it! This time it resulted in am umami-packed mid-week meal.

    Dinner Time Featured Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian

  3. How to make vegan soy salad cream / mayonnaise - September 17, 2012

    You will be surprised how easy and quick this is to make using very few ingredients!

    Dinner Time Featured Gluten Free Sides Vegan Vegetarian

  4. Crunchy crust kale pasta bake {vegan} - September 10, 2012

    A delicious baked pasta dish that is completely vegan!

    Dinner Time Featured Popular Vegan Vegetarian

  5. Polenta and sweetcorn patties {kid-friendly} - September 3, 2012

    Sweetcorn is a favourite flavour of many children and here it is combined with polenta for a tasty portable snack.

    Featured Gluten Free Kid friendly Snacks & Starters Vegetarian

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