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Posted on November 1, 2013 by ChristieLink Ups, Northern Rivers Stories


Today I’m joining in with the lovely Sonia from Natural New Age Mum and sharing photos of the inside of my fridge!
Long term readers of this blog may remember me doing a similar post all the way back in 2009, although I’ve enjoyed doing it again to see the changes and constants in my diet. I’m also a bit of a neat-freak when it comes to my fridge and it all comes back to preventing as much waste as possible. If it’s tidy you know what you have and you use it and don’t buy doubles of things! It’s another reason why I put most things in clear containers too.Let’s look at the main section of the fridge.

Top shelf is dairy Рand what the hell, I count SIX types of cheese: mascarpone, ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and cream cheese. Plus, I usually have halloumi and fetta too. Maybe even some goat cheese or local brie. What an addict!

Also on the dairy shelf is my favourite five:am organic yoghurt (honey and cinnamon flavour!), greek yoghurt, thickened cream, anathoth passionfruit and lemon curds and the container in the back is walnuts – they keep so much fresher in the fridge!

Middle shelf is rockmelon, containers with leftover dried/glace fruits from recent xmas recipe testing, leftover four bean mix, medjool dates, sugar-free chocolate buttons, sicilian olives (my fav!) and mixed marinated olives. There’s also a block of Whittakers roasted hazelnut chocolate and some very overripe bananas destined for my dense and moist banana bread.

Bottom shelf is leg ham cured by my local butcher, local chicken breasts defrosting from the freezer (to make these rissoles), local watermelon (Poppy is obsessed right now!), local eggs and Bionade, a healthy soft drink I was recently sent to taste.


Now let’s move onto what’s in the door.

Top shelf is hoisin sauce, miso paste and a locally made product I got from the Lismore car boot market (which is awesome!) made of macadamias, ginger, garlic and chilli. Also, a few blocks of harmonie organic butter, it’s the best one from the supermarket I’ve found.

2nd shelf is condiments and jam – I love bonne maman.

3rd shelf is soy sauce, organic pureed tomatoes, juice, local North Coast (Norco) milk.

Last shelf is mostly japanese/asian sauces plus pickles, harissa, real maple syrup, prunes and Vitasoy soy milk which I’ve constantly got on the go as I create four recipes per month for them. The soy milky range is particularly nice and creamy.


Lastly, let’s look in the crisper.

We are vegetable fiends in this house, so the crisper is always overflowing. It’s pretty obvious what’s in there but I will say that we have about a dozen avocados and beetroot from our friends garden which are absolutely delicious! I love getting edible gifts from people who are clever enough to grow them.

If you want to play along check out Sonia’s blog for details. I’m such a sticky beak so I just love this type of blog hop!

So, what’s in your fridge and do you like to keep it tidy or chuck everything in?

Christie x
  • Oh, you’ve reminded me I need to buy more maple syrup! Lol. And I really need to start keeping my nuts in the fridge. Love that wine rack! Robyn xx

    • We are never out of maple syrup! I use it to sweeten almost everything in place of sugar :)

  • I should probably keep my nuts in the fridge too but I have so many. Luckily for me the pantry is in the middle of the house and relatively cool and we go eat the nuts pretty quickly so they don’t have much of a chance of going rancid. I also have a “selection” of cheeses in my fridge

    • It gets too hot where I live to keep them in the pantry – you are lucky to have yours in a cool spot :)

  • Brenda Janschek

    Thanks for the sneak peek Christie, from a fellow cheese-a-holic!

  • G’day! Looks very healthy indeed, true!
    Some week, my fridge is more organised than others, but everything gets rotated around so as to minimize food wastage!
    Thank you for your fridge view!
    Cheers! Joanne
    Viewed as part of Sonia’s What’s In The Fridge

    • Rotating stuff is a good idea :)

      • Thanks Christie! This was I always know what I have in the fridge and what I can come up with…with the variety of foods! :)

  • Seana Smith

    Oh I love this sneak peak. I’m a clean and tidy fridge person too and agree on the clear containers. I can’t understand why my husband can’t see what is in there… men are weird. I keep all my veggies in Tupperware boxes and cheese and ham etc in the crisper. Also keep my nuts in the fridge too, big improvement.

    Hello * waving madly

    • *waves back* hi there Seana! Yay, I had a feeling your fridge would be tidy :)

  • Glenda Bishop

    Great looking fridge! It’s really good that you try to minimise food waste by keeping track of what’s in your fridge. I used to throw out lots of food, but using containers helps me to keep things good too

    • The containers are the key! Clear ones! I can’t stand to let things go bad and it’s easy to see at a glance which ones need using first :)

  • pat50

    Am envious of your fridge-ly organisation. But I am surprised that you keep avocados in the fridge! Like tomatoes I would think that would ruin them, doesn’t it? But then mine never stay around that long. When in season I buy 4 green avocados (pears) on the Saturday and leave them in my fruit basket on top of my recycling tower (it’s pretty with wood and baskets) and on Tuesday they are ripe and ready for my chunky guacamole.

    • Hi Pat, you’re right about avos! I only have them in the fridge because I was given about 10 from my friend’s garden. Keeping them in the fridge lets them stay unripe and I have been taking them out as I need them and ripening at room temperature like you describe. Sorry for the confusion! In the fruit bowl is definitely the best place for them :)

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