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Posted on December 31, 2009 by ChristieFood News

I’m annoyed to admit that I didn’t do most of the things I promised for 2009. BUT, I did do a lot of other super-cool stuff!

I guess 2 out of 9 resolutions isn’t that bad seeing as I only had 5 months in Australia before spending the rest of the year travelling around the world.

At least I ticked off big resolutions like going to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona and tasting the culinary delights in three of my dream cities: Barcelona, New York and Tokyo.

2010 for me personally

This year I’m carrying over a few undone things from last year, plus some new ones:

  • Eat at Tetsuyas (if I can ever make it to the top of the waiting list!).
  • Grow heirloom and cherry tomatoes from seed.
  • Make beetroot cured salmon.
  • Learn to drive a manual car (only automatic at the moment! Lame, I know).
  • Buy a house and start a veggie and herb garden.
  • Work hard to ensure the continued success of my business with my hubby.

2010 for Fig & Cherry

  • A design makeover with some cool new features.
  • More vegan and environmentally conscious meals.
  • Post the rest of my travel stories (there’s hundreds!).

I know it sounds cliched, but I really think 2010 is going to be a big year for me. I’m really excited to get it started!

What are you doing in 2010?

Have a great NYE, Christie x

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  • I love your optimism! All the best for you and “Fig and Cherry” in 2010…and Dillon too!

  • Y

    Happy New Year! I hope you manage to tick off a few things from that list for 2010 :)

  • Happy New Year Christie! Take your time posting those holiday stories, I’m still jealous as hell ;)

  • My case trying to accomplish some of the 2009 on 2010… jaja :)

    Happy and Sweet New Year 2010 for you!!

    All the best,


  • Achieving any of your resolutions sounds like a big achievement. Happy new year!

  • I look forward to hearing about all your 2010 resolutions. They certainly are great ones. Tesuyas is on my list as well. And I really should learn manual too. Good luck with it all? As for mine, I think I need to get back to Paris, visit sicily and eat fresh sea urchin roe on the beaches of puglia. Visiting Bhutan is also on my list but I think it’ll be pushed to 2011. Have a great year Christie. xx

  • you’ll enjoy tetsuyas i’m sure. one of the most memorable meals i’ve had :-)

  • Happy New Year! My list just got one longer, that beet root cured salmon looks divine!

  • Those sound like such great goals for the new year and what better way to reach them then writing them down! And here mine is to eat fish twice a week. I love your idea for the vegan and environmentally concious dishes. I have actually had an amazing herb garden the last few years through an invention of my dad’s. He takes styrofoam coolers, cuts holes in the top and drainage in the bottom and you plant the herbs in the holes. (Not the PRETTIEST thing ever but I’m sure I could figure something out). The styrofoam keeps in the moisture and protects from temperature extremes. I still have fresh herbs growing!

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