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Posted on January 31, 2009 by ChristieFood News

When I’m stressed or cranky or sad I eat dark chocolate, drink green tea, sneak a spoonful (or more) of freshly whipped cream or nibble strong cheese with a glass of expensive red wine.

How about you?

I’m know that when you’re stressed it’s probably not a good idea to reach for booze or rich foods but I inevitably crave something comforting. In fact food shouldn’t be the primary way you cope with these feelings although we can all admit we’ve done it at least once.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter has seen my meal time tweets and knows they’re mostly healthy so I don’t feel bad revealing my stress snacks.

I’ve heard that eating foods that ‘crunch’ help to combat stress. Apparently the act of clenching your jaw and the satisfying snap of the food in your mouth calms you down. Can any nutrition bloggers confirm this?

If that’s true then celery would be a good choice. Did you know that you burn more calories by simply chewing celery than is contained in it? Nice!

Other crunch foods I eat are nuts and seeds (especially almonds, pepitas and hazelnuts), 9 grain vita wheat crackers (maybe with a little cheese) and fruit like nashi pear, firm green grapes or cucumbers.

Do you reach for comfort foods when you’re stressed? What healthy crunch foods would you keep on hand instead?

Keep calm in the kitchen! Christie x

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  • ugh, when i’m stressed, i’m awful! i totally believe that about crunchy foods — i’ll eat dry cereal and baked chips like it’s my job. but i also go for (terrible, terrible) candy too!

  • I go for the crunch too when stressed or cranky. I love my homemade muesli but with a touch of comfort too via a squeeze of sweetened condensed milk on top. When sad, I don’t eat much at all (I shop)!

  • Ice-cream and chocolate for me!

  • Breakfast cereal, vegemite toast, mashed potato. Comfort food :)

  • Milky things for me. Chocolate, hot chocolate, yoghurt…

  • @Katy – Mmm baked chips! Not a dry cereal fan though…
    @Lorraine – I need to make homemade meusli, I’v enever found a commercial brand I like. Never had it with condensed milk though, sounds yummy.
    @Pigpig – If it’s hazelnut gelato then icecream for me too ;)
    @Marita – Yes, vegemite toast! You’re right, mashed potato is very comforting.
    @Arwen – Oooh hot chocolate, good one!

  • I don’t know Christie, I usually wait for a Granita!

  • @Sparrokei – Lol! Some people are lucky to have a cooking-mad boss :)

  • Pretzels :) Salty, crunchy and full of heart-warming carbs!

  • I would eat anything I can get my hands on! Haha but if it was a buffet of everything I would head for the meaty stuff and deep fried stuff then lots and lots of chocolate ^^!

  • When I’m stressed I need creamy foods. Both savoury and sweet.

  • Jen

    I go for crunch and carbs (anything deep-fried gets bonus points)… lol, great example with my lunch today… i had 1/2 serve of hot chips… and then felt the guilt and am trying to counter it with a kid-sized Boost juice!

  • For me it’s anything salty: pretzels, chips, or crackers. All not good things to be eating while being mentally pre-occupied :(

  • @Shez – I do like pretzels!
    @FFichiban – Mmm meat – lamb and duck are up there for me.
    @Dragon – I can’t deny that cream has a very special place in my heart too.
    @Jen – Oooh, I loooove hot chips! With gravy!
    @Jackie – Sad, but true. Salty stuff is very munchable!

  • Very interesting reading through peoples comfort foods:-)

    I’m all about braised fatty cuts of meat like pork belly to warm me up and cheer my spirits. A glass of vodka/wine/sake never hurts either:-) I guess I’m weird like that in that chocolate or sweet don’t really help my mood (though I do love them).

  • Pink Monkey definitely needs warm soothing goodness when she’s stressed. Right now she’s drinking a hot green milk tea and she feels much more relaxed.

    Other times it’s bowls of salty congee, plates of penne with a tasty tomato sauce, korean soft tofu soups, rum raisin bread pudding or anything else warm and good that will make her sleepy and take a nice long nap.

  • I go for cereal.

  • I’m with you on the dark chocolate, but I also eat a lot of bread :)

  • What don’t I eat is the question. I like alcohol, a nice glass of red wine or a beer are a good stress buster. Dark chocolate or french fries are also up there.

  • When I am stressed I usually eat carbs – bread, cake, cookies, but then I’ll grab chocolate. Then something salty. But when I am really stressed, I bake. That is the most soothing activity of all.

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