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Posted on August 5, 2008 by ChristieFood News

I know this blog is about my recipes and food adventures, but once in a while something so bizarre comes along that I’m compelled to share it.

Presenting… (drum roll)… the Wake ‘n Bacon. Apparently all you have to do is pop a frozen slice of bacon in the slot before you go to bed and it starts cooking the bacon 10 minutes before your set alarm time. Voila! You wake up to the smell of bacon.

Note to The Bear: No, I don’t want this for my birthday. I think it’s kind of gross.

Well, that’s all folks! See you in a few days with a gorgeous beef recipe.

Happy eating, Christie

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  • I’ll just stick to the wake n bake ;-)

  • hmm that seems a bit of a waste of space to me. I mean how hard is it to cook bacon??

  • LOL.

  • Okay that’s funny. I actually like it. I’ll have it for my Birthday kay.

  • That is really funny…….

  • That is a riot! I love that it’s in the shape of a pig :-D
    My husband thinks this idea is genius.
    (That said, I’m with you – leaving bacon sit out all night sounds kinda yucky)

  • Oh good God. Sometimes, I really am lost for words. Well, maybe not. How the hell does someone actually get that into production! I used to have a laugh looking through the free catalgues that come through the door for ‘housekeeping aids ‘ . I once saw an ‘aid’ for bacon with basically looked like a toast rack and you put your bacon rashers in it and then put it in the microwave and it keeps the rashers separated – how sad is that?! Does it really take longer to cook bacon properly than put it in the rack and microwave it. So funny! As a side thought, how do you get crispy fat in the microwave – surely not possible?!

  • Ha haaa! Just seen the clock on the side…

  • That’s hilarious! But I’m with you: no bacon sitting out all night on my nightstand for me, thanks!

  • Dee

    This is just too bizarre for words! Makes you wonder at the mind that thought that up, doesn’t it?

  • Jmez – Hmmm, I think I prefer to cook my own as well.

    Susan – Not very!

    Noble Pig – Done! Let me know the date ;)

    Hungry Engineer – Glad your husband liked it.

    Helen – A device to separate bacon rashers? Yes, that’s extremely sad. The clock is the best bit!

    Michelle – It sounds a bit unhygienic doesn’t it?

    Dee – A hungry one? ;)

  • I would actually buy this, but mostly for the cheese factor. I would want something on my kitchen counter that looked like that.

  • Congratulations Christie on the March Challenge from Foodbuzz! Your blog does rock! :)

  • Erika – I agree, the design is pretty cute.

    Laurie – Thank you very much! I was so shocked to be awarded 3rd place! I read the email and my jaw dropped open :)

  • You know when people discover stuff that fills a basic human need that no-one ever knew they had? This is like that… :)

  • That’s scary….

  • That’s so cool! What a quirky little case, too :).

  • I used to have a bread machine and mostly I considered it to be an excellent room atomizer. (seriously, I used to make bread just to come home to smell it.)

    I love bacon so much that this is actually a kitchen item I would consider! ;-)

  • Too funny! The design is really quite cute, and certainly I wouldn’t mind rising to the scent of frying bacon – but no spatters on the nightstand for me. If it could also toast a slice of wheat with jam – now that’s how I’d like to rise and shine!

  • OMG! I thought it was an easy bake oven for foodies!

    I too shall pass.

  • Shell

    That is insane!
    I love it, but it’s way too gross to keep on the bedside table!

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