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Posted on January 26, 2012 by ChristieFood News

Happy Australia Day!

The weather is uncharacteristically rainy and cold in Sydney this year, so our plans for a picnic in the park drinking winetails has been foiled.

Never fear, I still prepared the breakfast of champions for little Poppy; Vegemite toast and Weetbix with blueberries.

Us adults feasted on cripsy bacon and scrambled eggs, although Poppy gobbled down some eggs too – she was hungry!

What are you eating for breakfast today?

Christie x
  • Happy Australia Day from a fellow Aussie! Vegemite Toast is a no go in our house, so the boys had Weetbix & fruit for brekkie!

  • Hmmm, some Tasmanians may be a little left out by the look of that toast ;)

    It was Veg on toast for me today!

    • John, good point. I did actually think that when I bought the cookie cutters. Shame for those Tassie peeps! Christie

  • Happy Australia Day! A relaxing brekky in this weather sounds lovely and I’m sure Poppy would have loved it.

  • We had homemade chive bread thickly sliced with a hole for the egg and a slice of bacon. Not very special for Australia Day I must admit.

  • haha, I thought from the headline you meant you put the vegemite ON the wheatbix which I’ve been known to do at times, it works beautifully as substitute toast!

  • i love how you’ve cut the bread into the map of australia — very clever :-)

  • Breakfast of champions! I had eggs for breakfast too, yumm…

  • I just saw an Australia cookie cutter today! I almost bought it :)

    • You can borrow mine whenever you like ;)

  • I have an Australia cookie cutter :) my friends didn’t like it thought because they said ‘Australia’ was too big hhahaha and that they wanted a smaller cookie ~

    What can be more Aussie than Vegemite and Weetbix hehe i had muesli for breakfast ~

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