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Posted on November 8, 2011 by ChristieFood News

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was a very apt theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday last weekend because she is an excellent eater.

I’ve spoken before about how she happily devours everything I give her and it makes me proud as punch.

She actually turned 1 today (well, technically, at 11.10pm tonight) and it stormed this evening, just like it did on the night she was born.

This amazing birthday cake was made by my wonderful friend Ju’eta who is an excellent baker and cake decorator. It was an absolute masterpiece and I want to publicly give the lovely Ju’eta a big THANK YOU with hugs and kisses. You’re the best! (If you want to book her for your special event cake drop me a line via the contact form).

So I guess you are wondering about the specifics… the body was made of vanilla and raspberry swirl cake and the head waschocolate cake. It was piped all over with swiss meringue buttercream in two shades of green, one of which was whipped up nice and bubbly to resemble caterpillar fur. Phew, incredible!

My hungry hubby is finishing off the last delicious piece as I type this, so that is the end of Poppy’s Very Hungry Caterpillar for this year. For more pictures of Poppy getting stuck into the green icing hop on over to my mummy blog.

Christie x
  • Wow.

    Can I have that for my 30th??

  • oh so cute! Lucky Poppy to have such a lovely cake!

  • The cake is gorgeous! Happy 1st birthday to Poppy! x

  • Nawwww she is adorable. Look how happy she is with cake on her face :) too cute!

  • How cute, it certainly looks as if she’s enjoying it too! I also think you’re very brave dressing Poppy in white before letting her loose on that yummy cake :-)

    • Thank you! You’ll be pleased to know I popped it straight into Napisan to soak when we got home and it’s now perfectly white again :)

  • That cake is sooo gorgeous! I wish I could create something that lovely! Did it taste as yummy as it looked?

    • Hi Mystique, Why of course! It was absolutely scrumptious :) Christie

  • Just gorgeous! What a fab cake!

  • what a cute cake!

  • Mim

    This is fabulous!
    I am the very amateur cake maker in my family and love seeing new ideas now that I have my own little one to spoil.

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