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Posted on May 2, 2009 by ChristieFood News

Sorry my site crashed!

If you’ve visited in the past three days you may have seen a horrible error message with ‘Bandwidth Exceeded’. Sorry about that.

Unfortunately too many of you were looking for something yummy to eat and the Fig & Cherry foundations couldn’t handle it! Thanks though, it’s made me feel very popular :)

I’ve got my web developer (yes, The Bear) looking into it so hopefully it won’t happen again and Fig & Cherry will be accessible 365 days a year!

Coming up

  • I am seriously going to post that Fridgewatcher story. I know I’ve been saying it for a while but I really mean it this time.
  • There’s another wasabi recipe. This time it’s using a prepared wasabi paste you can purchase in a jar and is available to buy online, so you’ve all got access to it.
  • Review of Bill Granger’s new cookbook – Feed Me Now! (Great name!)

My life otherwise

Packing! Packing! Packing! This weekend is when I’m getting the majority of my packing done. As most of you will know from my constant twittering, I’m moving to London in 2 weeks so my house is getting packed up into storage.

I’m sad to leave Sydney for a while, but I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the very cool and very nice London bloggers, plus eating all that London has to offer! (Which is a lot).

So come back soon for more yumminess, Christie x

  • I know packing isn’t much fun. But it does sound like an exciting adventure you’re going on!

  • I manage to break my blog every couple of weeks through thinking I know what I’m doing, so don’t worry about it.

    And how can anyone afford to live in London these days? Damnit, I’m stuck up here in Lincolnshire…

  • Bandwidth exceeded… better, that mean a lot of people is reading you!

    Good luck to your trip to London Christie and enjoy there :)


  • haha the perils of being popular! ;) You’re keeping is in suspense with the fridgewatcher story!

  • How long are you in London for? Good luck packing, and have a great trip.

  • Good luck on your new venture in London. Keep posting!

  • @Dragon – So true! :)
    @Scott – Ah yes, we’ll be in the same country! Perhaps a meet is in order?
    @Gera – Exactly! That’s why I’m not too upset about it :P
    @Lorraine – The fridge story is now (finally) live!
    @Arwen – 6 months, maybe more!
    @Shari – Thanks, I will!

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