Roast chook for Mother’s Day?5

Posted on May 11, 2012 by ChristieFood News

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise from the team at Steggles – an early Mother’s Day gift of a large roast chook, oven mit, apron and kitchen shears.

How did you guys know that I have been thinking about buying kitchen shears this last few weeks? You read my mind! (And saved me a few bucks, thank you very much!). Looking forward to getting stuck into cutting loads of different things with those shears.

Hubby isn’t a fan of whole roast chicken (weird, I know) unless it’s butterflied and cooked Portuguese style with chilli sauce (mmm, yum). However, his favourite packed lunch is chicken sambos with aioli, so this chicken is going to get cooked and shredded (with me scoffing all the crispy skin while it’s hot and fresh) on the weekend.

Then the carcass will be made into homemade stock, perhaps with a ginger twist as I’ve done in the past (see here) and frozen for a rainy day.

Tomorrow I’ll be knocking up a chocolate and cherry cake for my Mum. I’m hoping to get it onto the blog for you next week.

Until then, I hope all you Mums have a wonderful day being showered with love and affection (gifts are a bonus!).

What are your plans for your special Mum, wife, sister or in-laws?

Christie x


  • Lucky you indeed!
    We are going to yum cha, then curling up on the lounge with a movie, and then braised lamb shanks for dinner. Hubby likes them roasted but its my day so I get to choose for once :)
    Happy mothers day Christie!

  • Happy mother’s day to you! And the skin is my favourite part too ;)

  • Brunch after the fun run!

  • I’m so looking forward to a promised lie-in on Sunday morning, and breakfast in bed. Might bake a new cake in the arvo, that’s a lovely treat for me.

  • I love roast chook. Prob my fave of all roasts. Hapy Mothers Day for tomorrow! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day

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