RIP Tastespotting. Hello Foodgawker!9

Posted on June 17, 2008 by ChristieFood News

By now, you’ve probably heard about Tastespotting shutting down.

When I discovered it my jaw hit the floor and I almost cried. I loved that site. Not just because it sent me loads of traffic but because it gave me a little food porn hit every single day without fail. All in one place. It was a serious feast for the eyes that I thought could never be matched…

Drum roll…

Enter Foodgawker.

It’s a homage to Tastespotting created by Chuck from Sunday Nite Dinner. Thanks to him we now all have another place to get our daily hit. Hurray!

Check it out.

Happy viewing, Christie

  • I didn’t know about tastespotting till I saw your post. I didn’t subscribe, it was a little busy but liked to visit regularly for a hit of food porn and to remind me what a terrible person I am cause I cant cook LOL

    That is terrible it is gone :(

    Glad there is something new, will have to check it out!

  • I was honestly feeling down for a day when Tastespotting said it was no more..

    Hopefully FoodGawker won’t run into the same problems as Tastespotting. And blimey, what a complete rip off it is… I am glad too, I don’t know how you could improve on the original concept.

  • It’s awesome isn’t it.

  • Hi Leigh,
    Don’t be so hard on yourself, you can’t run a female empire and do everything else perfectly too! ;)

    Hi Matt,
    I read your sadness before posting this, there are so many of us mourning… Fingers double crossed for Foodgawker.

    Hi Noble Pig,
    Yep, Loving it!

  • thank the baby jesus for chuck. i was going through serious food porn withdrawal.

  • Hi Michelle,
    Agreed :)
    Glad I could alert you to the new cool kid in town.

  • Am loving foodgawker :) it even has the large thumbnails like TS. Aren’t we food bloggers a funny bunch.

  • Thanks for dropping by at my tiny little newbie food blog, made me come over to yours… and find the good news! Thanks for spreading.

  • I’ll have to give it a look see. I know how I would cry if some of my favorite sites disappeared.

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