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Posted on June 30, 2011 by ChristieFood News

Today I did something really fun; I watched two episodes of Ready Steady Cook being taped with the new host Colin Lane!

I got to sit in the front row with fellow-blogger Liss from Frills in the Hills and then taste the food at the end. You know those lucky few that run up while the credits are rolling and get stuck in? That was me!

I know the photo above is a bit dorky, but hey, I had to do it. Not sure what I was doing with that hand on the left – it looks a bit hobbit-like!

The two chefs were Matt Golinski and Alistair McLeod which was good, although I was secretly hoping Janelle Bloom was going to be there. Oh well.

Special mention goes to Steve the warm up man. He was awesome at getting the crowd going. If it wasn’t for him making me laugh I don’t think I would have been as happy to smile and clap until my hands were red for almost 5 hours. Nice work mate.

Many thanks to Roberta and the Breville Food Thinkers team for inviting me and to the lovely Lena for coming along as my plus one!

Christie x


  • Cute pic! And I thought you were cooking on it! Next time right?:P

    • Yes, maybe next time I’ll cook! I think you have to be an audience member before you can be on the show for real so I am halfway there :)

  • Awesome pic!

  • How cool! I love that show but hardly get to watch it as I’m at work. They do have some great chefs on don’t they?

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