{Keeping It Real} The muesli edition3

Posted on December 4, 2013 by ChristieNorthern Rivers Stories


For the last five Mondays I have posted five divine avocado breakfast recipes that I was commissioned to create.

They may have fooled you into thinking I eat beautifully styled food every day.

Sadly, I do not.

Today I’m here to set the breakfast record straight. I’d like to start sharing some Keeping It Real posts on a casual basis (read: sporadic) so that it doesn’t look like I live in food styling lala land. Believe me, I don’t.

I eat way more slapped together meals than I care to admit to. I’m a mum of two young kids, that is just life.

Therefore, may I present… my very messy breakfast. Museli mix hastily thrown into a bowl, strawberries cut with a knife straight into the bowl (no chopping board to wash!), walnuts, coyo and some leftover raspberry sauce I made for a semi freddo (recipe coming soon).

The sauce makes it sound fancy, but really, I was just going for a no-waste situation. There are so many leftovers from recipe testing!

I had just finished drinking my first cup of tea for the morning and I think I actually got to the bottom and it was still lukewarm (winning!), but in the interests of keeping it real I didn’t refill my mug before quickly taking just one shot.

Yep, only ONE. Shock horror! No fiddling with the styling or trying different angles, just one rough and ready photo. Just for you. So you can step into my real world, just for a minute. Are you having fun in my sleep deprived mama brain? Good! You can go even deeper and check out the inside of my fridge too, if you like.

I hope you’ll enjoy this series of real posts, more coming soon.

Are you a chuck together breakfast maker, or do you style it pretty? (I used to, but now I don’t have time – unless I’m getting paid for it!).

Christie x
  • Gourmanda

    I tend to chuck things together for breakfast…and by “chuck things together”, I mean slather some peanut butter on toast and call it a day! Like you, I definitely feel time poor in the mornings as I’m usually waking up late and rushing out the door to work.

    • I’m going to say that peanut butter is a great source of protein and leave it at that! :) Sleep is definitely preferable!!

  • Nic@diningwithastud

    Chuck together all the way ;) haha! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christie!! x

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