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Posted on May 2, 2010 by ChristieFood News

Christie and Tetsuya Wakuda
Any excuse to use this photo again!

Baby Fig & Cherry

As most of you probably know, I announced recently on Twitter that I’m 13 weeks pregnant – how exciting!

I promise I won’t blab too much on this blog about it and rest assured this blog won’t turn into a baby food blog.

However, I am in the process of creating another blog where I will journal my pregnancy experience (it’s my first) which will also include food related content like weird cravings and my quest to make my own healthy baby food when the time comes.

I’ll let you know when it’s up and running in case that sounds like something you’d like to read (but I understand if it totally isn’t!).

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Good luck!

Media140 Foodies Event, 5th May 2010

I’m one of the speakers at this event on Wednesday night and there are still tickets left (only $15!).

It’s a fun discussion and conversation around how real-time social media is changing the food industry and the lovely Bridget Davis (@Bridget_Cooks) is cooking up some fabulous food for the evening!

Other speakers include my mate @NotQuiteNigella as well as more cool peeps like @blues_junkie, @gosstronomy, @reemski and @elegsufficiency.

Click here to buy a ticket and find out more info.

See you there! Christie x

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  • What great news Chritie. I have entered the Tetsuya competition and I really hope I win :)

  • congratulations. a baby blog would be pretty cool actually. hope to see you at the Media140 event. sounds great. i hope to be helping out Bridget with some of the cooking if she’ll let me in the kitchen. :-)

  • Big congratulations to you & your husband! Wishing you all the best :)

  • Y

    Congratulations to you and the Bear! Looking forward to reading more about your pregnancy experiences and about your quest for healthy baby food.

  • Congratulations Christie! I am thrilled for you and Dylan! All the best! I would loved to have attended the media event but I will be away! All the best!

  • Christie!!!!! Congratulations on the wee Fig&Cherry! See you At #Media140

  • Congratulations!!! So happy for you!

    But, sad for all the soft cheese, smoked salmon and sushi vendors around town. Have so many pregnant friends – it’s all I hear about. If you find great alternatives let us know – I’ll send the posts on to my pregnant friends with cravings.

  • renee

    Congrats little Legs!!

    I have had some very strange cravings with the first and with this one, I’d be happy to share but they weren’t all food, my worst craving was Eucalyptus Pine O Clean!

    Cant wait to read yoruu other blog, please let me know when its up and running..
    Much love x

  • This is so very exciting and I feel relieved that we can talk about it! Although it made for fun times at the Tetsuya event when they kept serving us up raw ingredients! :) xxx

  • Ohh congrats on the baby! I’ve never really been close to anyone throughout their whole pregnancy but one of the managers at work is pregnant and has 6 weeks to go – it’s an awesome experience just watching her change and hearing about all the baby stuff.

    • Thank you very much to everyone for the well wishes! It is very exciting to have a baby Fig & Cherry on the way :)

      The baby blog is coming along nicely and I’ll be able to unveil it in the next few weeks. Will let you know when it’s ready!

      Christie x

  • wonderful great news, congratulations. Keep well and good luck with your baby blog

  • Congratulations! How very exciting! Can’t wait to read the updates!

  • Vita

    Is there a name for a baby fig? Maybe you can call it figlet? Great news. Hope the next few months keep you well. Enjoy it. X

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