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Posted on May 28, 2009 by ChristieFood News

As well as this shameless plug, I also need some help, so please keep reading!

I know it’s showing off but I’m really excited about it. I’ve been a fan of Matthew’s recipes and writing style since I first encountered them in 2005, so to think he may have read this blog is a thrill, to say the least.

Matthew, I know it’s cheeky, but I would have loved a blog mention *winks*.

Here’s what he said about me in his Food for Fort column in the UK’s Guardian Weekend magazine.

Wasabi part II

The other week (25 April) I failed to track down fresh wasabi for a disconsolate lover of this eye-watering Japanese condiment. Once again, you lot leaped into action.

[My email to him] “I recently received a gift package from Tasmania, from Shima Wasabi ( Fresh wasabi is the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in ages. I’m not sure if they post to the UK, but it’s worth a shot.” You’re a wonder, Christie Connelly.

Yep, he called me ‘a wonder’. Pretty cool, huh? A big thank you to Caitlin who let me know about the mention on Twitter.

Oh, and Matthew, I tried to comment to thank you for mentioning me but the comments were closed on the post.

Help me please! Caramel cake recipes + decorating tips.

It’s my Dad’s birthday on the weekend and I want to make him a birthday cake. His favourite flavour is caramel but I’ve never made a caramel cake before.

I’d love it if you’d leave links to your wonderful recipes in the comments. Thanks a million!

Also, he’s a shoemaker, so I’d like to attempt to make it boot shaped. Any tips, ideas or links would be very much appreciated :)

Thanks guys, Christie x

ps. Keep your eyes peeled for a very interesting article about Choice’s latest report on Takeaway Food – coming soon!

  • Well, props to Matthew Fort for knowing what we’ve known all along… you are a wonder, Christie!

    Here’s a couple boots/shoes I found on Flickr:

    Happy Bday to your Dad! Good luck on the cake, can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

  • Congrats on the mention, Christie!

    For the boot cake, were you thinking 2-d or 3-d? If 3-d then here’s (roughly) what I would do:

    Bake 3 cakes in loaf tins. Split, fill with swiss or italian meringue buttercream and place on 3mm cake boards so that they can be stacked on top of each other. Mark the neight (and bear in mind that you’ll be cutting away cake so if you wanted a higher boot, you could stack cut-away pieces on top) and make a template so that you can carve away the cakes.

    Stick cakes in freezer for an hour then re-stack them and start carving them into shape. You’ll probably need an entire loaf cake for the foot and 3/44 of the next one and half of the third to form the shape. Once that is done you’re going to need to drive four dowels into each cake so that the weight can be supported and nothing wiggles around when you’re icing it.

    So, dowels in–and if you use wooden ones, take a pencil sharpner and sharpen the ends to make it easy–and if you can find one, I’d also hammer one extra-long dowel through the entire structure. You’re now ready to crumb-coat the cake with more buttercream or perhaps some ganache and then a layer of fondant.

  • @AverageBetty – Aw, thanks, that’s sweet! Thanks for the links, I love the look of the cowboy boot.

    @Angela – Wow! Thanks for the detailed comment. 3D might be a bit much for this crappy baker, but you’ve given me some great ideas. Fingers crossed :)

  • Betty

    Try these..Ive made the first one but not the second-tho second looks fab. Assume hes not averse to a little chocolate as well?

  • Boot shaped sounds cute. Maybe you could work in an Italian theme.

  • Hi Christie,
    If you haven’t made the boot already here’s my tip. You could make a rectangular cake and cut the shape of a boot lying on the board (2D). They are the easiest. Its a bit like the hammer cake in my Flickr site
    Or you could make a normal shaped cake with little boots & shoes along with the tools he uses.

  • So cute So cute. You are superb after all.

    see you next post.


  • You are a wonder, my dear. Very impressive mention. :)

  • Congratulations-you are indeed both a wonder and wonderful! :) x

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