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Posted on May 3, 2013 by ChristieIn my kitchen

My This week I’m craving posts have been hijacked today so that I can post an In My Kitchen story on the earliest day of the month ever! Somebody give me a pat on the back, I’m grinning from ear to ear. And although the date doesn’t really matter, I just like giving myself arbitrary deadlines. It gives me a sense of job satisfaction and makes my boss happy (and yes, that’s me)!

This month I’ve got a few very interesting things I have been sent as well as some of my own possessions that have been hanging around my kitchen, let’s dive in.

First up, a favourite lunch of mine recently that doesn’t really warrant a full recipe post – I call it Fancy Egg Open Sandwich – and it varies slightly when it features a few times a week.

This particular version was homemade bread (post coming soon) topped with avocado mashed with garlic and lime juice, hardboiled egg, local Byron Bay hot sweet chilli sauce and rocket dressed with lime juice and olive oil. Served with carrot and green apple ‘chips’.

I basically call the sandwich ‘fancy’ because I serve the salad piled high on top like they do in cafes and restaurants. Works for me!

I was recently sent these Soft Sugar Pearls by Queen* to try. They are like cachous but larger and softer.

They taste crazily sweet, as one would expect, but won’t crack your teeth like cachous might! Looking forward to using them to decorate a mother’s day cake next weekend. I love the white pearly looking ones best, they have a nice shimmer to them.

Oh hooray! My friend Lorraine who publishes the blog Not Quite Nigella has finally had her book hit the shelves!

I have been hearing about the journey from the very beginning straight from her mouth and it’s been an epic project that I am so excited see come to fruition.

Check your local bookstore or library to find a copy – it’s a very entertaining read and there’s recipes in there too!

This little sweetie has been eating her weight in raw fudge brownie and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a fantastic treat that is super healthy and I’m happy to make up a batch every other week for her to tuck into.

The chocolatey-ness (?) comes from raw cacao powder and sweetness comes from fresh dates, so it is completely refined sugar free. I have also been tweaking the original recipe each time adding chia seeds and goji berries and swapping the pecans for almonds or walnuts – and she loves all versions! I must say, I enjoy a square with my afternoon cuppa tea too. Guilt free.

I was very excited to receive this in the mail this week. I had heard about these wonderful powders from one of my favourite bloggers Sonia over at Natural New Age Mum and I just had to try them out.

They are 100% organic and free of any nasties whatsoever, and are designed for fussy eaters (kids and adults alike!) so that they get a good dose of vitamins and minerals at every meal  and snack.

The choc berry powder is Poppy’s new flavouring for milk and I also throw a bit into the raw brownies too. They are made with a base of raw cacao powder and sweetened with coconut sugar as well as ground up berries like goji.

The veggie powder is also getting a workout in savoury/sweet muffins I have made for Poppy as lunch on the go (or half as a snack) that include grated carrot and zucchini, plus sultanas and honey for sweetness. She loves them! I even made them completely with wholemeal flour, but next time will try half wholemeal, half white for a fluffier texture.

Last but not least, I felt very special watching my preview copy of Shane Delia’s new cooking show Spice Journey*. Shane is of Maltese heritage, but the series focuses on him visiting different countries in the middle east along the famed Spice Route (or silk road), and learning how spices are used in traditional dishes. Then he goes back to his restaurant kitchen at Maha and makes modern versions using what he’s learnt from the locals. It’s fantastic!

He told his PR team to specifically send me episode 2 where he goes to Tripoli in Lebanon – how very thoughtful! (New readers: my Dad is Lebanese). Spice Journey premiered last night, but the episode I watched is on next week so be sure to catch it on SBS at 7.30pm.

I won’t give too much away but I love the way we have one thing in common when cooking – we both use our hands a lot. I agree it helps with feeling for the correct texture and this is so important in Lebanese food, especially. He’s also quite a cheeky man, so be sure to check out the show. Fun stuff!

Oh, and those are a few large acorn squash that I picked up from the farmers market. Cannot wait to stuff them!

Linking up with Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who started the In My Kitchen series.

What’s happening in your kitchen this month?

Christie x

*This item was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


  • Lisa the Gourmet Wog

    I watched Shane Delia’s episode last night, it was fab! Especially the reconstructed baklava, what a legend. I love your IMK post, thanks for sharing :)

  • InTolerant Chef

    Can hardly wait to read Lorraine’s book too! So glad to see those new sugar pearls- much better than breaking a tooth indeed :) I’ll have my IMK post up next week too!

  • Ohh the sugar pearls look nice. I’ve got my copy of Lorraine’s book. It’s really good, isn’t it?

    Nice to see what’s going on in your kitchen. :)

  • Lizzy (Good Things)

    Nice little haul there… I am waiting to test those little pearls too. Enjoying Shane Delia, like a breath of fresh air!

  • celia

    Christie, I missed the show, so thank you for the headsup! I”ll look out for it. I’ve just started Lorraine’s book too, and it’s fabulous! Poppy look cuter every single photo, and your egg sandwich looks DIVINE! xx

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Thanks so much lovely for the sweet words! And look at Poppy! Those curls and cheeks are still adorable but she has grown too! :D

  • Pat Machin

    Lovely to see another interesting TV show is on the way. I expect we’ll be well behind you but it may come out on DVD or even on utube?

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