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There have been so many yummy things in my kitchen over the past few months and I have been busting to share them with you. However, a certain little cutie pie (and his sister) have been keeping me very busy.

But, here I am finally, showing off the goodies that I’ve been sent, mostly gifted*, since May/June.

First up, my dear friend Catherine Saxelby’s newest book Ancient Grains* which is jam-packed with delicious recipes and beautiful photography. It focuses on healthy meals featuring, you guessed it, ancient grains like quinoa, buckwheat, millet and more. These grains are becoming more and more mainstream (which is great) and are a fantastic way to vary your diet both for reasons of taste and nutrition. With both sweet and savoury treats, it’s definitely a great gift – perhaps a good stocking filler for xmas? Buy it here.

Next, Anathoth Passionfruit and Lemon Curds*. OMG, yum! Curd is an easy thing to make, but it’s just so convenient to have ready-made in the fridge to slather willy nilly on pikelets and toast or dollop onto ice cream or yoghurt. I’m also very partial to eating with whipped cream and crumbled shortbread. Lush! This brand is available at the supermarket too, which is very handy.


Love, love, love this coffee! Hubby is an especially big fan and when I bought him a new Italian coffee maker for his birthday in June, he drank both these packs of coffee in no time at all!

Danieli is a family run company based in Sydney and their coffee, unsurprisingly, has won many awards. It tastes beautifully rich and chocolatey. Definitely worth checking out their cafe in The Rocks or buy it from their website here.

louise-cookbook louise-biscuits

I have been lucky enough to meet Louise Fulton Keats (granddaughter of Margaret Fulton) on several occasions, including an event held at her house that Margaret Fulton attended!

So I was very interested in her new book Thermomix Cooking for Your Baby and Toddler*. I don’t have a thermomix (*sob*), but I made one of the biscuit recipes by adapting the recipe to use a mixing bowl and my oven and they turned out beautifully (see pic above).

I love Lousie’s philosophy of healthy cooking and introducing children to fruits and vegetables in an interesting, yummy way so that they want to eat them – rather than always sneakily hiding them. Being a parent of a toddler, I know this is sometimes an unrealistic goal, but is definitely something worth pursuing to develop the next generation of foodies! :)


This delivery of Wasabi Cherries from Tasman’s Harvest* was a lovely surprise. I absolutely love getting products that are unusual combinations that really work, and what better than mixing wasabi and cherries?

Sounds weird. Tastes great! Not too overpowering, but clearly flavoured with wasabi.

I’ve been devouring them with soft cheese – brie and ricotta – and hard cheese such as jarlsberg, yum. Still need to try them in a sweet context, I’m thinking they would be divine with a panna cotta. Buy from their website here.


This Rooibos tea selection* arrived at the absolute perfect time, about a month before I gave birth. As you may know, Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free and you’re meant to limit your caffeine intact during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Being a tea addict, this really helped me keep my levels at an appropriate level, while still allowing me copious cups of tea per day. Win!

The honeybush tea is also meant to be good for breastmilk production. I already have a good supply so not sure if it’s the case, but I can report that it’s a delicious flavour. The vanilla flavoured tea was a hit with hubby who has a sweet tooth. Bonus points that all the teas are organic, but a few points off as it’s grown in South Africa – and I do love supporting Aussie products. Buy them online here.


Have you heard of Bizzy Box*? It’s the most wonderful idea – a subscription service that sends you a delightful little craft box each month with all the materials and full instructions. Plus each month has a theme and the one I got was gardening. Oh the irony! (I’m a black thumb, remember).

I am not crafty. At. All. But the instructions are super clear and the ideas are so cute! Unfortunately it was a little complex for my little Miss (almost) 3, so I gave it to a friend who has a 4 year and would enjoy it more thoroughly.

I love the way it has been created by teachers and child psychologists so that the activities are really targeted at developing children’s skills. Once Poppy is a bit older I would love to subscribe to this type of service. Don’t you think it would be fun to get one of these in the mail each month? I bet it would be every mum’s dream delivery during wet weather! Check out their website here.


Last, but definitely not least, Bionade* healthy soft drinks. I was seriously not expecting to enjoy these as much as I have!

I am not a soft drink drinker, at all. Hate the stuff. But Bionade is a little bit different. They are 100% certified organic both with the ingredients and production method with no added sugar.

They are brewed like beer but are non-alcoholic and have no nasties. I absolutely love the elderberry flavour, and even though I would only drink these occassionally as a treat, they are great to have on hand to offer as an alternative to alcohol when people drop over.  Check out their pretty cool website here for more info.

Linking up with Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who started the In My Kitchen blog post series.


Christie x


*This item was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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    Healthy soft drinks? Wow!

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    Bizzy box looks super cool. What a great idea.

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    wasabi and cherries? OMG that is freaking me out! Would love to try those!

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