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Posted on April 11, 2013 by ChristieIn my kitchen

Woo hoo, I’m back on track with my monthly In My Kitchen posts.

April features lots of personal items and only one ‘gifted’ one. I haven’t had much good stuff landing on my desk lately, so I’m sorry I don’t have a whole heap of new bits and pieces to alert you to.

Never mind, you can check out my personal stuff instead…

Above is a gorgeous vintage Thermos borrowed from hubby’s Grandma in Grafton as we drove through for a visit on our way to Port Macquarie for the Easter weekend. She filled it with hot tea for our journey.

As a side note, I just love it when I come across brands of items where the name originated and stuck as the iconic title for that item no matter what the brand. Thermos is a good one! I didn’t actually realise it was a brand name, and thought it was the actual name of the contraption (as in a container that keeps liquids hot). Other favourite original brand names of things for me are Tupperware (who else calls any plastic container Tupperware?) and Esky (are there really other brands of coolers?).

Love the colours of this Thermos too. As my Mum would say, ‘very seventies’.

Also picked up at hubby’s Grandma’s house are these vintage coloured Pyrex baking dishes – Pyrex is another one of those brands!

Again, the seventies orange and yellow are beautiful and I’m looking forward to using these, they have lasted so well!

These are fresh off the mandarin tree, care of Miss Poppy. She loves venturing out each morning and foraging for fruit.

Yesterday morning was quite hilarious because it had been raining overnight. Hubby and I watched her potter out cautiously on the wet grass and then pull a mandarin with an almighty tug – and get drenched with a big shower of water. She flinched slightly, but kept twisting. Then rushed inside to get us to help peel it for her.

Have you heard of the GS1 GoScan app? I was invited to the launch of it recently, but couldn’t attend because it was in Sydney.

It sounds technical and boring, but trust me, it’s not! And it’s FREE! Go to the app store now and type in goscan (one word) and download it.

Sorry, what is it? I hear you say. Oops! This awesome app allows you to scan the barcode of thousands of products and instantly get dietary and nutrition information about it; allergy (gluten, nuts, dairy etc), nutrition (fat, sugar, salt, kJs etc), ingredients, manufacturing and more.

What a handy resource to have when you are at the supermarket, a friend’s house or for checking things in your own pantry.

It has been endorsed by the Australian Food and Grocery Council and is industry approved Australia-wide with ambassadors like Dr Joanne McMillan. I recommend checking it out because it wont cost you anything and is a fantastic resource to have in your pocket. I’ve already used it a dozen or so times!

Last but not least, I picked up some seasonal acorn squash at the market this week that are destined to be stuffed and baked – maybe with a cous cous based filling. Also from the market were some perfect swiss brown mushrooms that are going into a pie I am making for my column and recipe in the Winter issue of Sample Magazine. I’ll post the recipe here once the magazine gets published.

What’s featuring in your kitchen this month?

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Christie x
  • InTolerant Chef

    Love the vintage stuff, we’re having a 70’s theme dinner party this weekend with apricot chicken, beef stroganoff, prawn cocktail, things-on-toothpicks, bombe Alaska and other iconic dishes. I will serve them up in my Tupperware and pyrex dishes too! :)

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I love the vintage theme of your IMK this month Christie! :D

  • That vintage collection is great… love it. Bec’s dinner party sounds like fun! And thank you for sharing the details of that app.

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