I would not like to be this tomato6

Posted on February 28, 2009 by ChristieFood News

[No tomatoes were harmed for the filming of this video… OK, I just lied]

Horrible isn’t it? That poor little tomato.

What stood out most to me about this video is how fast the blades are moving in comparison to the tomato. It just goes to show you how incredibly hard your blender works to crush ice, make smoothies and pulse pesto.

My eyes widened in horror while watching this and I found myself wishing for an alternative to the obvious ending… alas *spoiler alert* the beautiful ripe tomato gets totally pulverised.

Thanks to NiallH for posting this on his blog Look and Taste via College Humour.

Using your blender will never be the same again, Christie x

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  • I guess it’s a matter of perspective. I didn’t think it was all that bad as it reminded me of this. Well, except that it was disintergrating.

  • That’s really cool! It’s amazing how long it takes at the beginning. Breaking the skin seems to be the rate limiting step. It’s one of those gory fascination things. It would be ideal to show to little boys.

  • That was awesome ^^! It only takes long cos the tomato keeps getting bounced up from the blades

  • Y

    Poor yummy tomato! :/

  • Nice video… That’s gotta be a hell of an expensive camera to capture something like that.

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