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Posted on September 4, 2012 by ChristieFood News

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer. The BIG news is…

The Fig & Cherry family have made a sea change!

We no longer live in Sydney. We have moved to the gorgeous NSW Northern Rivers region, home to beautiful seaside towns like Lennox Head and Byron Bay.

Have we turned into hippies? No, we haven’t. But that was a real question from someone! Moving on…

We are renting a house while we look for somewhere to buy – and boy is living in a house different from a pokey two bedroom apartment!

We need more furniture, for a start. We don’t bump into each other getting ready in the morning. And, there is a big gas kitchen, bliss!

Plus, as you can see above, we have a small strawberry patch. However, the strawberries in that photo no longer exist. Miss P gobbled them down in 1.25 seconds. Yes, I know they’re not quite ripe – but try telling that to a stubborn (almost) 2 year old.

We now have an outside clothesline, which is brilliant. No more hanging clothes on a little rack in Poppy’s room and waiting 3 days for them to dry. Now it’s more like 2 hours. Wow. Don’t take your clothesline for granted people!

Miss P is in charge of the pegs.

My wasabi plant made it up here intact. Even though hubby had not watered it for more than two weeks!

I gave it a big long drink and it is very happy nestled into the little herb garden my MIL helped me plant. Full details on that in another post.

Miss P was a little bit disoriented by the move, but now she is settling in well. Her newest food love is sultana bran for breakfast and she easily powers through two bowls without taking a breath.

The move is a pretty big deal for this born and bred city girl, but so far so good. It really helps that my in-laws are locals and my hubby grew up here – so I’ve got the insider 911 on what’s good and what’s not. I like to be in the know. You know?

What does this mean for the blog?

Food and produce-wise this region is crazy fertile, so please be expecting plenty of stories about local farmers and producers, plus, of course, lots of recipes using local produce.

I hope you will continue to join me along my journey, even though there will be far less flashy city restaurants and (even) more home cooking, frugal kitchen tips, gardening and all-round yumminess.

Have you ever made a move somewhere completely new? Do you have any tips on settling in for me?

Christie x

{Lennox Head image above sourced from here}

  • What a great lifestyle change! I’m sure you’ll love it, its such a nice area. We moved every few years when I was growing up and the only way to transition is to throw yourself into meeting new people and getting knitted into the community. It sounds like your already halfway there with family as locals :)

    • Hi InTolerant Chef – love the term ‘get knitted into the community’ – sounds so cosy! Thank you.

  • wow! that is so exciting! you will absolutely love it – my parents lived at Yamba for many years and it is such a wonderful part of the world… join the local playgroup and you will make friends quickly – so different to living in the city – I find people are much friendlier!

    • Hey Sonia – Yamba is stunning! And a great place for a weekend trip for a swim and BBQ. Agree that country folk are friendly – although I think I’m a little too loud for them :)

  • Wow!! Big changes afoot, Christie. It sounds like a great move and I wish you all the best settling in. Enjoy getting to know your new stomping ground and meeting new people. What fun!

    • Thanks Christina – getting to know the local area is definitely the best part – especially as there is so much local produce to taste!

  • Kristy

    Wonderful news! Best place on earth the north coast, looking forward to reading all about your discoverys up there. Many amazing restaurants and lovely local produce. Best of luck x

    • Thanks Kristy! Looking forward to sharing all the gems I find too!

  • Welcome to the rural life, Christie. We did it ten years ago and loved it. The best way to get along is to immerse yourself in the local community – shop local for as much as possible – and having a toddler is perfect. You’ll meet all her friends and your new ones through local playgroups, kindy and school.
    I’m sure you’ll all be very happy in your new life.

    • Thanks Amanda – yes, having a kid makes it much easier to meet people! Not that I am shy… :)

  • That’s fantastic news Christie. I’m sure you’ll settle in and be one of the “locals” in no time. Looking forward to many posts from your new home base.

    • Hi Peter, Yes I’m trying my best! Although I suspect I still seem pretty ‘city-like’ to these laid back locals! Christie :)

  • That’s amazing news Christie! I used to live in Byron Bay and still think it is one of the most beautiful areas in the world… just mind the snakes ;-)
    We’ve done the complete opposite to you actually, I’m from a small coastal town in NZ and 18 months ago we packed up our house and kids and made the big move over here to Perth, W.A. It’s pretty full on at the start, getting used to new things but being a mother is a blessing in disguise. I’ve found it so much easier to meet and make new friends since having kids and am now surrounded by some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.
    All the best xx

    • Hi Emma – haven’t seen any snakes yet – thanks for the tip! You’re so right about having children and meeting people – they are a great icebreaker. You seem to have settled into Perth nicely (from what I have read on your blog). Christie :)

  • This is so exciting, and look forward to seeing all the dishes you’re going to whip up using the fresh produce.

    • Hi Mich, promise to get in the kitchen and showcasing all the beautiful stuff soon! Christie :)

  • I spent a good part of my childhood growing up in the Northern Rivers – my parents still live in Yamba & I have family in Lismore – such a nice area. I moved to Broken Hill about 8 years ago – spent three years there (trust me, it’s not as fun as where you are).

    • Hi Miss Piggy – lucky you! Yamba is stunning! And such a short trip for us for a picnic or swimming day out. It’s a lovely little town. Christie :)

  • Awesome~!!!!!

  • Judy

    Get you’re vegie garden cranking! There’s nothing more satisfying than cooking up a storm in the kitchen with home grown ingredients. Im excited for you Christie!
    Andrew and I have chickens that we let roam around the garden, much to the delight of our friend’s little kids. Just gotta watch them with the lettuce and cauliflower plants. Nothing better than lying back in the hammok on a warm summer day watching the vegies grow and the chickens scratch about. Congratulations on the move and may it be everything you hoped it could be. xo

    • Judy! Thank you! Yes, I have just started to appreciate cooking with garden produce – it is amazing and so satisfying, like you say. I have just spotted a passionfruit vine over the back fence too, so really looking forward to that hopefully fruiting soon! Good point, must get a hammock! Christie :)

  • Congrats on the move :) what a gorgeous place!

    • Thanks Nic. It is stunning up here, be sure to visit it someday! Christie :)

  • Kim

    I am so very envious. We currently live in an apartment in Sydney’s Inner West and while I do love it here I am just itching to move out of Sydney.

    I’m sure you’ll all settle in just fine.

    • Hi Kim, That was us just a few short months ago – feels like forever now. It’s amazing how quickly you can adapt to a new environment. Christie

  • Hi Christie. I’ve just found your blog. We used to live in Lennox Head. Blowed if I’ll ever remember the reason we left (we are now living in Tassie). We miss the are so much we are going to move back. Well, somewhere between Ballina and Noosa anyway. So while I start packing (we have 4 kids, it may take some time) ill pop into your blog and continue to be insanely jealous!!! Thanks.

    • Hey there Bettie! Thanks for dropping by! 4 kids and a move, wow. Wishing you lots of luck and patience for the move. Might see you over this way soon :)

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