Hopes and dreams for 2012 (mostly edible!)9

Posted on January 1, 2012 by ChristieFood News

Hello 2012! And hello to you for joining me here today :)

Did you make my watermelon granita yesterday and enjoy it at the stroke of midnight? If not, I hope something else scrumptious passed your lips in the first few minutes of this bright new year.

2012 is going to be a big year for this blog and for me personally. I’d like to share with you a few of my hopes, dreams and must-do’s for this year. I love posting these thoughts publicly so that I make myself accountable for the more challenging tasks I set myself!

Cooking and Eating

  • Eat even healthier by including more super foods and fish at least twice a week.
  • Bake more homemade bread and pizza.
  • Finally make the beetroot cured salmon I’ve had on my list since 2009. Shameful!
  • Use up odds and ends in my pantry and freezer (some of which were gifted to me, others bought too greedily!): pistachio paste, truffle salt, skim milk powder, jelly crystals, half packets of pulses and grains (pearl barley, red lentils)… the list goes on. I welcome your suggestions!
  • Actually cook the things I constantly bookmark on Pinterest.
  • Actually cook things from my masses of cookbooks. This is an ongoing battle each year. So many cookbooks, only 365 days in a year – what a debacle!
  • Finally use the Chefs Blowtorch I bought myself for my birthday in 2009 which is still in its packet. Creme brûlée here I come!

Fig & Cherry stuff

  • Launch a new monthly giveaway. Can’t reveal too many details right now, but it will start in February.
  • Launch new Product of the Month in January. If you would like your brand to be featured, get in touch via the PR Enquiries page.
  • Continue to promote and support worthy causes: Live Below the Line, Love Food Hate Waste and others.
  • Keep you guys up to date with a regular monthly newsletter. What would you like to see in it? Please help me make it good for you by leaving me a comment.

Personal and Family

  • Introduce lots of new foods to Poppy and start teaching her to eat with a fork and spoon. I’ll probably write about this on my mummy blog.
  • Use my (little) spare time productively with exercise, meditation, relaxation and positive activities.
  • Keep my balcony garden and indoor orchid alive. It’s hard work for a busy Mum with a very brown thumb!
  • Organise more quality alone time for hubby and I, making sure we are properly rested, rejuvenated and connected.
  • Move from our flat into a house, probably late in the year. Hopefully with room for a veggie patch! My lifelong dream. More details as the year unfolds.

That’s it for now. What are you planning this year?

{image source: AllDayIWalk on Flickr}

Christie x


  • InTolerant Chef

    A very Happy New Year to you Christie!
    A lot of great goals there, I wish you good luck! My goal for this year its to get healthy. With at least one more surgery coming up, and another month or two in slings, I figure any improvement is a win!

    • Good luck with your surgery! Fingers crossed for you.

  • Rah

    *I* am going to make an amazing sponge cake… this oven I’ve got now has gotta be able to do it for me!
    Happy new year to you, hubby and Poppy :) xx

    • Ooh I look forward to seeing that Rah! :)

  • Great list you have there! And I hope you had a very Happy NYE! May 2012 bring lots of joy :D

    • Thanks Lorraine! See you soon x

  • Happy New Year Christie! Bring on more delicious-ness!

    • Absolutely – same to you Peter :)

  • Happy New Year Christie! I am really glad I found your blog. I look forward to signing up for your newsletter.

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