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Posted on January 31, 2013 by ChristieFood News

My hubby will not eat tuna. No siree. No tuna for him. Ever.

I’ve tried many times to disguise it but to no avail. Pasta bakes, dips and more – he can always taste the ‘cat food’ (that’s his terminology).

Give him the best quality tuna you can find! I hear you shout. I hear you. Tried it.

I’ve made sure the tuna is soaked in oil to mask the fishy taste and presented him with fancy tuna slices, imported from overseas, when Sirena wouldn’t cut it. No. No. And a big fat NO.

So, I’ve given up. For my sanity. And it’s his loss (as us tuna-loving folk will know).

These days I just fry up a few rashers of bacon and top his salad with that instead.

Happy hubby. Sane wife. Win-win.

These salads are identical except for the bacon or tuna and were a delicious combo: baby spinach, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, lentils, goats feta and pepitas. 

Can also recommend topping it with a soft boiled egg. Luscious.

Do you adapt meals at your house?

(Just clarifying, I only do this for tuna at lunch, nothing else! Because he eats everything else… he’s really a great hubby, seriously.)

Christie x
  • Absolutely, I do… I have the veggie hubby, the meat eating kids who need heaps of carbs and my old self who doesn’t. It’s all mix and match here and often things do work well. BBQ haloumi for him, chicken for kids. Pasta with pesto or spag bol. Baked potatoes with a zillion toppings, no potato for me. Juggle, juggle.

  • tei laine

    So he does not even eat fresh tuna? Like tuna steaks or sashimi grade tuna. They taste quite different from the canned version.

    Fortunately, me and my hubby pretty much like and dislike the same things, so no adapting required.

    • Hi Tei, yes I should confirm he does love fresh tuna steaks and sashimi, it’s only canned tuna. But canned tuna is so quick and convenient! :) Christie

      • tei laine

        Christie, yes it is convenient, and I’ve always liked canned tuna, it was a staple in my undergrad cuisine :) But I truly fell in love with it last year when traveling in Spain; tuna was served practically in every salad with fresh (and ripe) tomatoes and good quality olive oil. Who can resist that?

  • Aww a shame but more for you? ;) Hehe. I’m a huge tuna lover myself :D Mmm feel like some tuna for dinner now! :D

  • InTolerant Chef

    My hubby is exactly the same :( He will though eat tinned mackarel in tomato sauce that tastes and smells dreadful! My daughters also sadly HATE tinned fish but I am bringing one of them around to real sush. I often have a tin of salmon or tuna for breakfast- yummo!

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