Growing wasabi on my balcony: an update14

Posted on September 4, 2011 by ChristieFood News

Remember back in July when I received two tiny little wasabi seedlings from Four Seasons Herbs? (If not, click here to take a look).

Well, they are absolutely thriving and I’m a very happy plant-mummy! I usually kill everything I grow so I’m extra pleased that I’ve kept these little beauties alive. I seriously cannot wait for them to grow big enough so I can have a wasabi party (I mean, pig-out on wasabi).

I just love the way they look too – those lovely deep indentations in the leaves and the bright shiny green colour – it really lifts my spirits.

In other balcony news, thank goodness for the magic of Spring time. It has brought my chives back to life.

Around this time last year I planted chive seeds and they started to sprout almost immediately. I was proudly cutting chives in mid October for my salads but then on November 8th I gave birth to my daughter and she took priority over the chives. Hence the chives died. At least I kept my baby alive!

As you can see they withered and died (note the yellow/white stringy bits), but this year I have kept on with watering them and ta-da, they came back to life! They even seem thicker and healthier than before, go figure.

I’m hoping to add a few more herbs and vegetables to my balcony in the coming weeks. Are you growing anything?

Christie x
  • I love growing things too and it is so much harder when you’re limited to pots as we are. Congratulations on your flourishing wasabi! I am very much looking forward to this summer. : D

  • oh wow… I need some of those seedlings!!

  • Mel

    I always always always kill my herbs!! 2012 goal is to grow some again and this time look after them! Any hints to keep them alive? !

    • Hi Mel, I’m really not the best person to ask as I always kill them too! My problem is usually neglect (as in, forgetting to water them!). Christie

  • I still have to order some of those wasabi plants, how nice to have it fresh!

  • Ooh well done you! I’ve got a black thumb so anyone that can grow anything is ahead of me :P

  • Mr Pickled Cumquat and I and I the other night went out for a Japanese meal in Newtown and we were discussing where wasabi came from, I was very impressed when he said that it was the root of a plant! I was pleasantly surprised when I read your blog!

  • I can’t grow anything! This looks awesome, I’ve never actually seen wasabi growing. Kudos girl!

  • Wonder if that would grow here? I have *loads* of horseradish taking over my garden this year!

  • The wasabi looks like a beautiful plant as well as a useful one. I put in some basil yesterday, and I have a few kale plants going, but it really is time I did some proper spring planting!

  • Well done Christie, the wasabi plants look fantastic! I thought you said you didn’t have a green thumb?!

  • amazing! I love wasabi! I need one!

  • Guenivere Nguyen

    Your wasabi looks fantastic! I just got mine yesterday from Horizon Herbs and I have not transplant it out into a new container yet. Could you tell me what soil you are using? What kind of water are you using and do you use and kind of fertilizer? Any help would be appreciated =)

    • HI Guenivere, You must be so excited! I just used ordinary potting mix that had a slow release fertiliser in it. Once the potted seedlings started sprouting new shoots I added a liquid seaweed fertiliser and that’s it! I just make sure it’s in a shady place on the balcony and water regularly to keep the soil moist as that mimics the way they grow on the rivers edge among bamboo in Japan. Good luck!

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