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Posted on May 4, 2009 by ChristieFood News

[My Fridge]

[My freezer]

My fridge and freezer that is!

A few weeks ago I posted about one of my favourite sites: Fridgewatcher. I told you about my obsession curiosity with what people eat and what’s inside their fridge.

I put the call out for photos of your fridges and five wonderful bloggers came back to me! But first, what’s in my fridge?

Top photo, my fridge.

Top chilling compartment: Pomegranate juice, firm and silken tofu, prawns and salmon fillet from the fishmonger. We eat lots of fish and tofu.

Top shelf: Fresh ricotta, Barambah Greek yoghurt and sour cream, light cheddar slices, danish feta cheese, dairy-free spread, homemade hummous. Regular readers know my love of dairy, particularly cheese and cream.

2nd shelf: Halloumi cheese, organic free range eggs, white miso paste, fresh wasabi, Hellman’s mayonnaise, fresh dates, vegemite, homemade chilli jam (my friend Ju’eta and her husband Mario make the best condiments!).

3rd shelf: Chunk of leg ham off the bone, salami, red grapes, rocket, sparkling mineral water, tonic water (for gin and tonic’s), low fat milk.

Vegetable bin: Capsicum, corn, avocado, limes, bok choy, butternut squash, ginger, turnip, mushrooms, herbs. We are total vegetable addicts!

In the door: Shrimp paste, wonton wrappers, wasabi, panang curry paste, 80% chocolate, clean skins Chardonnay, tinned peaches, low fat milk, verjuice, olives, maple syrup and St Dalfour jam – strawberry and apricot.

Bottom photo, my freezer.

Neatness is a must! As you can probably tell…

Top shelf: A whole kingfish sliced up. My Dad’s a keen fisherman.

Middle shelf: Thanks to Butcherman, my meat is neatly portioned and vacuum packed by a professional butcher! There’s beef stirfry, sirloin steak, diced lamb, wagyu beef sausages and beef mince.

Bottom shelf: More fish thanks to my Dad, puff pastry, homemade chicken sausage rolls (right at the back) and portioned frozen ripe bananas – so I can make banana cake at the drop of a hat!

So there you have it! That’s what I keep in my fridge. What about other food bloggers? Let’s take a peek…

I’m sure you all read the lovely blog of my mate Not Quite Nigella. She cooks up the most wonderful treats both sweet and savoury. As you can guess she’s got a sizeable fridge with lots of yummy stuff in it. Although, Lorraine tells me this was before she went shopping – geez, I wonder how she fits anything else in there?!

Lorraine says:

‘I have some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the Ltd Edition Elvis Banana flavour in the vegetable crisper. Please don’t interpret this wrongly. I know they aren’t vegetables! You might be able to spy the Chocolate Martini mix which is quite delicious but we still have a lot of and the Spinach and White bean soup with Chorizo from my story this week. I made  big batch and give some to my husband for lunch which he loves.

I also have my big box of nuts which I store in the fridge to keep them fresh, some Girgar butter for an upcoming recipe and the Agnes B Perrier just because I thought the pattern was cute.

Some of my favourite items that I always keep in the fridge are: Heinz Italian Tomato and Herb sauce, a standby tube of condensed milk (like an IV for me), Pocky, Simon Johnson Sweet onions of Tropea and his dill mayonnaise (great in a tuna salad). I also keep my flour in the fridge for pastry making.

I don’t chew Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum but I have successfully made some candy roses using the tape so I keep it here in case of emergency flower making. And oddly, my mum gave me that humungous bottle of soy sauce. There’s only a tiny bit left so I should really decant it into a smaller bottle and make use of the space’.

Christie’s notes: Hilarious! You’re the only person I know that would keep bubble gum in the fridge just in case of ’emergency flower making’. Id love to dig around your fridge and check out all the condiments.

I’m not surprised there’s so many baking ingredients in there because you’re forever making delicious sweet morsels. Plus I’m happy to see pure cream, you’re a girl after my own heart :) Thanks for sharing your fridge!

If you haven’t seen Jackie’s photography yet, then head on over there! I really wish my food photos could look half as good as hers. She’s currently obsessed with chickpeas, which I can totally relate to. They’re so versatile, low GI and full of fibre.

Jackie says:

‘I like to think our fridge is fairly organized: all jar and bottle products in the door, fruits & veggies in the crisper drawers at the bottom with overflow onto the bottom shelf (as you can see we eat a lot of vegetables!).

What I am looking forward to changing is the amount of plastic bags on that bottom shelf – of course these come along with the veggies we are buying from the grocery store; a group of us are building a garden behind our apartment!

And you’ll see the rice milk top left (I haven’t eaten dairy in almost 10 years) which I go through a lot of for cereal, tea, etc and a few things I notice left over from food photo shoots, a nice little perk of the job!’

Christie’s notes: I love seeing all those vegetables! I think I can see fennel too – which I love! I’m very excited to hear about the garden being built, I wish I had a garden… and a job where I got free food all the time! Yummy.

It’s a beautiful tidy fridge and I can see some tupperware containers there. I’m also a big fan of using lots of containers in the fridge. The only thing is, I can’t imagine a life without dairy – how do you live without whipped cream!? I’d find that very difficult :) Thanks for sharing your fridge!

I absolutely adore Marion’s blog and her approach to food is very similar to mine; use fresh produce with care and respect. Plus her close up shots of the raw produce are a really nice contrast to the shots of the final dish. Her recent pomegranate and smoked chicken salad had me drooling.

Marion says:

‘The large crusty looking jar with sludge in the bottom is my sourdough starter.  Various tubs of stuff include pickled beetroot (from my garden) and homemade sweet chilli sauce.

In the veggie crisper is a block of chocolate. Tim always tries to hide the chocolate from me in here…god knows why because I’m in the veggie drawer more than he is. Middle fridge shelf is missing because it broke under the weight of a million condiments‘.

Christie’s notes: Um, Tim, the crisper is see-through. Probably not a great place to hide stuff! :) I’m so impressed about your sourdough starter! I’ve always wanted to try that. I totally understand your condiment dilemma – I’m also guilty as charged for overloading my fridge with them.

I’m very jealous of your homegrown beetroot. I can’t wait to move back to Sydney and have my own little garden to grow stuff in. Thanks for sharing your fridge!

I love Kelly’s rustic cooking. She makes things with an American style twist that I’d never think of like her Chicken taco salad with cumin lime vinaigrette (yum!). Plus I love her notes on wine as I’m always looking for new ones to try.

Kelly says:

‘The top shelf of the fridge has Soy milk, Alaskan Amber Ale, and POM Wonderful juice that the nice folks at POM sent me.

The bottom drawers are always filled with tons of produce, and this always makes up the bulk of my grocery budget. (I can’t wait to have my own garden next year though!). Several kinds of lettuce, carrots, broccoli, fresh herbs such as cilantro and basil, and a variety of peppers, usually reside in there.

The middle shelves are devoted to lunch makings and leftovers. I always make my husband homemade lunches. Burritos, sandwiches, a bean or grain dish, salads and salad dressings. (Yes, all in one lunch, plus yogurt, several pieces of fruit, and nuts or a granola bar. He has quite the metabolism!)

The side door is condiments, though I read that’s the worst place to put them. Huh. I don’t see why it matters. We don’t stand there with the door open… I always have tons of different vinegars on hand for making salad dressings.

The freezer is full of Trader Joe’s coffee, clams we dug ourselves, pork a friend raised, and berries we pick in the fall. There is also some funky Nestle chocolate chip cookie makings that I keep in there for house showings’.

Christie’s notes: Wow! You’re a super wife! Your husband is very lucky to get such healthy homemade lunches. I also have lots of vinegars on hand – they’re so good for making varied salad dressings so that you don’t get bored.

But let me address the most fascinating thing – ‘pork a friend raised’ – oh my goodness! I wish I had a friend with a pig that I could eat! Plus shellfish you’ve caught yourself is a delicious and satisfying thing to eat. Thanks for sharing your fridge!

Another wonderful Sydney-sider who loves to cook, especially sweets! Hence her blog name – Leave Room for Dessert. But it’s not all sugary with Anita she also cooks up some super nice savoury stuff like her pasta with vodka cream sauce (wow, yummy!).

Anita says:

‘My fridge is normally stocked with fruit and veg, leftovers (we cook up heaps and then have left-overs for lunches and dinners).

Other things that aren’t what they seem are home-made chilli sauce and salsa Nick made. That’s about it!!

Christie’s notes: I love leftovers too! Being of Lebanese and Hungarian heritage I don’t know how to cook small amounts – so I’ve always got leftovers like you. I’ve never made chilli sauce before and I’d love to try yours.

I see you’re a condiments fiend too, they’re so essential aren’t they? Plus I spy a big lot of green grapes – I love them too. Thanks for sharing your fridge!’

Thanks to all the girls for sending me pictures and notes! I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey into their fridges.

What’s next? The Pantry? :)

Chat soon, Christie x

  • You have the tidiest fridge I have ever seen!! Fun post :)

  • Ooh this is so interesting! Peering into someone’s fridge can tell you a lot about them I think.

    I have to say though, I can’t believe some of these cute efficient little fridges!

    As for my own fridge? Stashed full with fruit and vegetables, the door filled with condiments, a tray of meatballs on the bottom shelf (handmade by my butcher’s mother), lovely salty thinly sliced prosciutto.

  • Great to see everyone fridges! I always find it so interesting to see what everyone has :) And look how neatly stacked your freezer is-immaculate!

  • I love this post!!! I am so envious of your freezer, it is so nice and neat. Mine is stuffed full of bags of chicken bones waiting to be turned into stock.

    I think it would be great to do one of a person’s mug collection. People get them at various functions and holidays that I think it would tell a lot about a person and what they have done. Too bad I didn’t find your blog sooner, it would have been so fun to participate.

  • sue

    Great to see! I admit to peeking in other peoples fridges and pantries when I visit their house! It always freaks me out slightly when I see a really empty fridge devoid of condiments and food.

  • I can see why this could become an obsession. :)

  • Great round up Christie! I do find it difficult to cook small meals :) therefore always have leftovers. Thanks for the fun post.

  • I, too, have an obsession with what people eat on a daily basis. Like, on a normal weekday, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…I can’t wait to see inside everyones fridges!

  • Great post! I love looking in people’s fridges. Yours looks great — so many veggies!

  • Fun post, Christie! I am jealous that everyone’s fridges are so much bigger than mine!

    If you do pantry photos, then give me a shout :) I’m so carb-focussed that we could dine out of there for weeks!

  • What an interesting post, I’ve been looking forward to seeing everyones fridges! You seriously have the neatest fridge I have ever seen in my life, I think I have a little bit of fridge envy :)

  • Aspen

    Fun Post! Now i don’t feel like my super packed fridge is so over-the-top. We do live an hour away from shops so I like to make sure we always have enough, esp dairy- cottage cheese, haloumi, feta, ricotta, yoghurt and milk.
    Having our own garden is a great help and makes us feel super healthy. We are going to get some laying hens soon, complete the cycle (pick veggies, eat veggies, give hens left overs, get eggs, eat eggs!)
    We also just bought a whole beef (calf) for our freezer and the difference in taste is incredible! It came from a local farmer- nearly organic and we got all the cuts + bones for about $8 a kg.
    I’m amazed at how clean and neat your freezer is!

  • Christie, your fridge and freezer are the neatest I’ve ever seen! Great post…love perving on other people’s fridges. Better run…I’m going to tidy up my freezer LOL.

  • Zoe

    another outspoken female did a similar expose a while ago, including mine which has a truly stupid number of notes on the flickr photo.

    This is even better than shoppong trolleys ;)

  • What fun! I wish my own fridge was as organized.

    Right now, mine is crammed to bursting! (Must go on a cooking spree!)

  • Oh wow this is making me so hungry… my fridge is so sad and empty compared to these! Yum!

  • There are so many yummy things in these fridges! I’m jealous of your homemade hommous, NQN’s condensed milk, Jackie’s freebies, Marion’s sourdough, Kelly’s hubby’s lunches, and Anita’s homemade sauces.

  • What a great idea for a post! I’m looking at mine too now. Vegetables that need eating sit on the top shelf, newly bought ones on the second, so that we know immediately what’s older and needs eating first. Diary products live in the bottom trays. Top freezer tray is where the frozen vegetables live, and bottom tray is for my meat and seafood. As the husband is vegetarian, I like to keep my things separate!

  • The freezer really is that tidy. It’s weird.

  • Thanks for sharing! I am living vicariously through others’ fridges at the moment as mine is BROKEN! Sob!

  • This is so much fun! I hope you do this again, Christie, maybe with pantries, or something. :)

  • jo

    Now this is a really interesting post. And you have a very neat and tidy freezer and fridge. You should see mine, it’s like a typhoon had just struck and passed, and I’m left with the aftermath!

  • One of my favorite posts of the year… My fridge is completely packed and unorganized!

  • Love this! Although I am afraid to send a photo of mine, very empty!

    It would be interesting to do a post on food blogger refrigerators in different countries, compare and contrast! For instance you with vegemite, which I cannot even get in my mountain town, but I do have the St Dalfour jam that you have (made in France), only mine is the Fig preserves! I also have alot of latino brands as I am in southwest colorado and we have 2 entire grocery isles devoted to them!

    Great post, cheers to you!

  • Fun! I totally want Kelly’s fridge, look at all that space!

    Oh, and how do I live without dairy, without whipping cream? When you’ve gone through the horrid results of eating dairy, finding tasty, healthy, non-stomach-upsetting alternatives is like heaven!

    And thanks for the shout out :)
    ~ j

  • Very cool. You’re fridge is so organized! Mine is a disaster and I’m always worried somethings going to fall out hit me on the head when I open it.

  • I share your obsession! Adam over at Amatuer Gourmet showed his off: http://www.amateurgourmet.com/2008/05/whats_in_my_fri.html

    And for good measure, here’s mine! http://www.lifeisafeast.com/2008/05/welcome-to-my-fridge.html

  • Such a fun post! I love it

  • cas

    Your vegemite is in the fridge? Is it meant to be refrigerated? Am I poisoning my children by not refrigerating?

  • Ivy

    This is pretty freakin neat if you haven’t seen this yet:


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  • Great to see what different people stock in their fridges.

    Mine is choko-bloc with fresh veggies and fruits as we are vegetarians and love freshly cooked stuff :)

    I was googling for recipes for silken tofu and came up on this blog!

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