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Posted on March 29, 2009 by ChristieFood News

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Do you remember a while back I was chatting about food profiling in the supermarket? Well, let’s kick it up a notch!

Let me make a confession. I’m a massive sticky beak. I touched on it with my food profiling article and now I’m going to take it to the next level by revealing one of my favourite websites, Fridgewatcher.

Fridgewatcher lets people send in photos of their fridges – inside and out – and they’re posted on the site for all to see. I love it. The shameless voyeurism. The intrigue. Did I mention I love it?

I’m so curious when it comes to finding out what people choose to buy in the supermarket and the next logical step is how they store it when they get home (and what’s already in their fridge and pantry!).

Also, I’m a total neat freak so it’s fascinating to me to see how some people just stuff everything in without any organisation what-so-ever. What’s up with that guys? Surely you can fit more in if it’s neatly stacked!

Anyway, I was thinking of following up this post with a picture of my fridge, but was wondering – do you want to see it? I want to see your fridges!

Email me a photo or two of your fridge at and I’ll do a round up post next week. Can’t wait to see them! :)

Enjoy the Fridgewatcher site, Christie x

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  • Oh! This is hilarious! Mine’s quite empty because I’ve been away but I love this whole idea…I guess some of us are just voyeurs deep down!

  • I’m fascinated, but it would be even better if you could zoom in. There are some things that are hard to identify at a distance.

  • This is really funny.. I am doing a refrigerator eat down… so quite empty now:-)

  • oooh, I love it! I’ll take a pic tonight!

  • Y

    Would love to see a picture of your fridge! :D

  • I’ve seen yours! :P But since you asked so nicely I’ll send you a pic of mine :)

  • *Don’t forget to send me your fridge photo’s!! Plus a little blurb with any interesting information about items that aren’t immediately identifiable.*

    @Peter G – Mine’s empty now too – but a trip to Harris Farm tomorrow will fix that :)
    @Arwen – Ha! I thought I was the only one thinking about zoom ;)
    @Soma – Me too. Tuesday morning is my fresh produce shopping day.
    @Reemski – Yay! Can’t wait to see you picture.
    @Y – Great! Send me a pic of yours… please!
    @Lorraine – Thank you dear. Can’t wait to see it!

  • yes it is intriguing isn’t it? I like looking at the pictures but the writing is a bit shaky – still fun looking at the pictures, who needs to read it anyway! I like having a good nose too.

  • jmez

    My fridge constantly stinks! Stinks of quality French cheese… mmmmm blue cheeessee

  • @Helen – Agreed! The writing could be better, but the curiosity value is worth it! :)
    @Jmez – Mmm, that’s the best kind of stink in the fridge! :) Except for maybe smoked meats or fresh fruit.

  • This is going to be interesting, I’ll join in the fun!

  • @Howard – Cool! Can’t wait to see your picture! :)

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  • :) what a cute idea! I just got a new massive fridge and separate freezer and filled it with fruit and veg. Will try and get a photo.

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