Exclusive: New Australian Pork TV Commercial + Australian Food Blogger Award Launch @ La Mint restaurant12

Posted on January 22, 2010 by ChristieFood News

New TV commercial for Australian Pork! Isn’t it hilarious?!

Last night I attended the launch of the very first Australian Food Blog Award category by the Australian Association of Food Professionals (formerly Food Media Club Australia) at La Mint Restaurant in Darlinghurst.

The launch announced the very exciting news that Australian Pork (yummy!) is the official sponsor of the award.

The lovely Liam from Australian Pork said they were proud to sponsor the award as he compared food bloggers and ‘pork’ as the under-dogs of their respective industries. Pork of course being less popular than beef and food blogs being taken less seriously than mainstream media.

I really loved this comparison as food bloggers are definitely seen as second tier (if not lower!) than TV and magazines. However, it’s fantastic that blogging enables ‘laymans’ (albeit, well informed enthusiasts!) the opportunity to offer their opinions and ideas. Oh, and pork is delicious, so get some on your fork tonight. Ha!

We are of course, a whole new ball game, and sometimes change brings fear! Enjoy the ride people, because this hobby blog of mine is here for the long haul :)

This new Australian Pork TV commercial is not airing until Feb 1st and was shown last night for the first time. Isn’t it hilarious?! I bet being ‘porked’ will definitely find it’s way into the common vernacular after this goes to air. I’m certainly using it from now on! What a crack up.

I also got to meet some food bloggers and chefs that I’ve connected with on Twitter and through their blogs. It’s great to put faces to the names such as the exuberant Peter G from Souvlaki for the Soul, Ed Charles from Tomatom and Bridget Davis. As well as new faces (at least to me!) Foraging Otaku and Peas For Me.

A big thank you to Stewart White, Liam Silk and Australian Pork (PorkStars on Twitter) for organising a great evening and to La Mint Restaurant for the delicious Vietnamese food (try their crispy chicken with tamarind sauce, it’s divine!).

We also got an excellent goodie-bag of Australian pork loin and pancetta so there will be some pork recipes coming up soon. Feel free to leave suggestions for what I should make in the comments.

Happy porking! Christie x

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  • Good ad. Love the strong ‘Stralian accents in this – haha!

  • “Exuberant”…LOL! More like a mad Greek. A fun night and great to meet lots of people. The ad is hilarious!

  • Love a good porking..obviously last night was as good for you as it was for me!! lol. I’m with you..whether we are relevant or not, we’re here to stay! Happy blogging from the happy blogger!

  • Definitively a porking – hilarious article !! I need crispy bacon right now…

    Have a great weekend,


  • Hey Christie!

    Was great to meet all the bloggers and talk some pork ~ winning the signed Fergus Henderson books was only a bonus!

    Can’t wait for another Food Blogger Event : )

    Love ,

  • Even though I’m vego, I must say that that is a fantastic ad, it’s hilarious! haha

  • Great stuff darling! So sad I had to miss it. Next time ok? x

  • Hey Christie!

    It was great meeting you! Love your blog – I’m reading your work one too!



  • @Morning Copy – Hehe, it’s very Oz!
    @PeterG – OK then, mad Greek it is! :)
    @The Happy Blogger – Glad you had fun at the launch!
    @Gera – Mmmm, bacon, don’t get me started! :P
    @Bridget – I’m so jealous you won that prize! See you at the next event, hopefully we can chat more.
    @Ladybird – Glad to hear vegos can appreciated it! Although it probably won’t convince you to eat pork it’s still good for a giggle.
    @Lorraine – For sure!
    @Christine – Good luck with your new food blog!

  • Happy Australia Day! Hope you have fun and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  • Christie, I say Australians are ahead of the rest of us! Hope media people follow suit here in the US and elsewhere!

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