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Posted on March 2, 2011 by ChristieFood News

Zoe Williams (Guardian columnist) samples Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian.

Photograph: The Icecreamists Facebook Page

Have you heard about the Covent Garden ice cream parlour that serves breast milk flavoured ice cream? It’s called The Icecreamist and is decked out like a sex shop – really dark with fluro pink everywhere (see pic above!).

They have aptly named their controversial concoction ‘Baby Gaga’. It’s made with human breast milk via donations from Mums who are paid £15 for 10 fluid ounces which makes one small scoop cost you a massive £14.99. That’s about AUS $24 – yikes!

As someone who is currently breastfeeding and expressing milk I feel like I should mention it would be hard work to make the fifteen quid! Expressing milk is not as easy as it sounds and makes you extremely thirsty and hungry, so spare a thought for the ravenous Mums that have allowed you to tuck into your chilled treat.

So, what does it taste like? According to Zoe Williams from the UK newspaper The Guardian: ‘At first, regular vanilla ice-cream, until the mouth-coating back taste kicks in – like a thin, more goatish, dairy.’ Hmmm, it doesn’t really sound that appetising.

I recently read somewhere that a guy made cheese out of his wife’s breast milk but I don’t think I’ll be making cheese or ice cream out of mine. I’m using every drop to make little Poppy Ava big and strong!

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  • I can just picture a room full of lactating women hooked up to a giant milking machine in the back room of this place…thanks for posting about this! I’m about to be a breastfeeding mom, and while I have NO desire to try breast milk, I find the concept of people eating breast milk ice cream interesting, in a people who eat bugs and dogs sort of way.

    • Hehe, weird image Leena! Best of luck with breastfeeding your next bub, I’m sure you’re an expert by now! :P

  • I think I’d try the ice cream just to see what it was like! Was it Borat (the movie or the tv show) where he served someone (fake) cheese that he said was from his wife’s breastmilk :P

  • Oh, my… verrry interesting! As a mother currently nursing as well, I can relate to your thoughts on this. It has NOT been easy at times! :) But good to know Baby is getting the best.

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  • I’d be concerned about what would drive a nursing mum to do this?
    That being said – having tasted breast-milk I’m not sure it’s entirely appetising?

    Could however be a very nutritious treat for those who are weaning?

  • Not something I’d be keen on, and what about the babies, do they miss out on thier nutrients, or do they get their share of the icecream? :)

  • What’s next? blood popsicles from that “time of the month?”. I mean, come on!!
    I had a lot of hard time learning the breast feeding thing, it took three weeks and I suplemented with formula. I just did it for two weeks te second child, and frankly, I don’t think it is that big of a deal for baby to have it, other than the bonding factor.

  • I don’t think I could make the £15 either. When I first was breastfeeding I could have made a lot of £15s, but as time has gone by I couldn’t pump even if I wanted too.

    I think its just a gimmick and I can imagine the quality of the breastmilk would be totally reliant on how the mother’s diet is.

  • Lol wow really? I guess on the positive note you get more nutrients and it’s much creamier than your average joe milk, whatever that means. No I’m kidding of course, anyway interesting post, take care.

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