5 Rules I Live My Life By #appletisersparkle7

Posted on November 30, 2012 by ChristieFood News

Have you noticed the game I have been playing on Instagram this week?

I’ve been posting a photo each day that represents a Rule I Live My Life By. I’ve joined in with 14 other bloggers to promote the new Appletiser “Get Your Sparkle On” campaign, and we’ve all been posting photos and life mantras on Instagram. (See them all here via my Facebook page, just click on the #appletisersparkle hashtag)

Don’t worry if you missed my photos – they’re all here today in this blog post!┬áSome of them have been so funny and quirky, but mine are a bit more serious – so without further ado, let’s get into them.

#1. Push through your comfort zone on a daily basis.

This is something I like doing, but I know many people don’t. Pushing yourself just that little bit every day makes you such a stronger person, whether its exercise, meeting new people, eating something new or wearing a different coloured lipstick. It all adds up.

#2. Work hard to form strong bonds with loved ones.

Work hard sounds, well, like hard work. It is! Staying in touch with people even though our own lives are chaotic can seem like a full time job,  but if you find small ways to show people you care it makes them and YOU feel great. Go on, call or text a friend now.

#3. Eat all the colours of the rainbow and savour each bite slowly.

Yay for vegetables! If you work a rainbow of colours into your diet everyday then you’re being healthy without even trying. Then the important part – eat slowly. Give your brain time to register the food and give yourself time to indulge in a little bond-forming conversation at the dinner table :)

#4. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

It’s a bit cheesy, I know. But you get the point, right? Positivity, always! Shitty stuff happens, that’s true for every person on the earth. Just try and turn the situation around or look at it differently to make the best of it. That’s what I do.

#5. Be someone who makes YOU happy.

Last but not least, nurture yourself. Do things just for you so that you are happy in your own skin. You will be a better parent, sibling, wife/husband and human being. You will radiate happiness and that’s contagious (in a good way).

Those are my rules. What are yours? I would really LOVE to hear them!

Christie x

This blog post and accompanying competition is sponsored by Appletiser in accordance with my disclosure policy.

  • Jay

    I LOVE these and they all so true! As for some of mine:

    – don’t take on other people’s crap. It’s their’s not yours
    – like who you are and think positive thoughts about yourself
    – don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is fun

    • Love yours too Jay! So true about some peoples baggage – just don’t take it on! :)

  • This is a great idea. Here are a few of mine.

    Eat dessert first if you want to
    Look in the mirror and smile when you get out of the shower
    Do one kind thing every day – maybe two

  • Hotly Spiced

    That’s a great list. I like the one about eating every colour of the rainbow – that’s such good advice and keeps the struggle of being healthy, simple xx

    • Thanks Charlie – agreed! You need to keep things simple in order to continue doing them! :)

  • Love the colours of the rainbow idea and picture too, and all of the rules chime with me. For me the old ‘one day at a time’ and ‘keep it simple’ are life mantas. A good bit of self indulgence is so good too, I write this having had lunch at the restaurant at the MCA at Circular Quay today!

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