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Posted on July 20, 2008 by ChristieFood News

What to do with this sweet treat?
[Nestle Top n Fill Chocolate]

UPDATE 08/08/08: I’ve made a cheesecake and a biscuit sandwich so far.

Attention bloggers of The World, I need your help!

Thanks for clicking ‘Read More’ – hopefully you can help me out with this dilemma. Let me explain:

I do my grocery shopping online and every week I receive a sample bag of a few new products to try. In the past I’ve received Rice Milk, Maggi Noodles and Breast Pads (not sure what that was about!? Does anyone want them?).

For the past two weeks there have been 2 cans of this Nestle Top n Fill, chocolate flavour. So now I’ve got 4 cans of the stuff and I don’t know what to do with it! I know there are loads of baking bloggers and home cooks who are much more creative with baking than me, so I’m counting on you to help me out.

The mixture is made of sweetened condensed milk, sugar and cocoa. It doesn’t list any preservatives or additives and I’m quite impressed by that. It’s SUPER sweet, in fact, too sweet for my liking so I think it should be mixed with other stuff (cream springs to mind) rather than just thrown into a tart shell.

So here’s the deal: Leave me a comment with a suggestion or a link to one of your recipes. I’m going to choose my favourite and then make it and post a photo. Please play along!

Thanks a million, Christie

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  • I used to make some fabulous caramel ginger snaps by baking ginger snaps biscuits just until they were soft enough to mould into a bowl shape and then spoon in the caramel filling. I wonder if chocolate would also work? Chocolate ginger snaps sounds pretty good.

    Alternatively, you could just eat it from the can. That is what I would do. :)

  • Oh my, I have never seen this before…I’m clueless! Sorry.

  • No idea, other than boiling it with milk and making really rich hot chocolate?

    But bring along the breast pads at the next afw meet and I’ll take them off your hands!

  • Meric

    I reckon the Dilster would have a few ideas about how to put that stuff to good use ;)

    Failing that you could do a remake of the Donna Hay cream cheese brownies, but use half the cream cheese mix and half of that stuff. I might even try that myself if I can find the nestle stuff here :P

  • Oooh, make a iced coffee out of it! It would almost like a Viet iced coffee with the condensed milk. So maybe add it to a nice cup of coffee and see how it tastes! It would be a nice treat and flavor to the coffee!

  • I think you have your idea already… just eat it straight out of the container! Or better yet, half spoon peanut butter, the other half Top’n’Fill.

  • I would make a batch of profiteroles…small dollar sized cream puffs…mix some of the chocolate with pastry cream & pipe into puffs, dust with confectionary sugar. I usually serve 2-3 per order

  • Hmm you could make a frosting out of the stuff or a tartlet filling to top with fruit or nuts. Or brownies or ice cream…I honestly have never heard of it before.

    Breast pads from a grocery store? Ha-ha they kind of messed that one up.

  • Wow, thanks guys, these ideas are great!

    Riayn – chocolate ginger snaps sound delicious!

    Fern – hot choc, yep gonna do that. And yes, you can have the breast pads ;)

    Meric – hmmm, another Donna Hay recipe – this could be the redeemer!

    WORC – a chilled mocha, sounds good.

    Jmez – I had definitely considered eating it straight. But with peanut butter? Heaven!

    Big Sky Chef – profiteroles – that is a fantastic idea! I am very excited about that.

    Katie – Brownies, great idea!

  • The first thought that jumped to mind was to make a chocolate-flavoured dulce de leche…but i’m not sure if you would run the risk of burning it…. and then perhaps stirring in some cream to make it less sweet and more sauce-like…

  • Sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and cocoa? Sounds like the base of an ultra rich ice cream to me (but what doesn’t these days?)

    …or whisk together with some cream and pour into ice pop molds to make fudgesicles.

    Perhaps you could cut it a little with some liqueur (chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry, framboise, etc…) and use it in layers alternating with unsweetened whipped cream, crumbled cookies du chois (graham crackers, gingersnaps, shortbread, etc…) or cake, and fresh berries or stone fruits (blueberries, raspberries, cherries, etc…) for the world’s easiest parfait.

  • maybe i am just on a frozen dessert kick lately, but what about ice cream or sorbet? or, i just thought, popsicles, except i see that someone has already mentioned it!

  • Angela

    You could balance the sweetness with ricotta cheese

  • Chris – I think it will definitely work as a sauce.

    Rebecca – It’s a little bit chilly here in the Southern Hemisphere for ice blocks! But they’re a great idea – I could freeze them ready for summer! Love your parfait suggestion. Thanks!

    Katy – hmmm ice-cream, yum. Maybe with peanut butter – ah, I have an idea!

    Angela – I love ricotta! Fantastic idea. A cheesecake immediately springs to mind – this one’s a winner :)

  • Send me a can and I’ll see what I can do! ;-)

    I thought eating it out of the can for starts, but you’ve already tried that.

  • i’ve never seen this stuff in my life. an aussie thing, i assume? and just to be clear, eating it with a spoon is definitely out, yes?

    mix with ricotta. pipe into pate choux. consume in quantity.

  • I was actually wondering if you could whip some cream with a bit of sweetener (sugar or maybe you wouldn’t need any extra sweetener) and then fold in some of the top and fill? Maybe that will cut the richness and make for a really nice tart filling?

  • I’ve never seen anything like this before…intriguing. I know I personally would end up eating the whole thing by the spoonful and then bursting into tears. Some kind of cheesecake might be a nice contrast between sweet and tart. If it’s quite a thick mixture, you could roll it into balls and dip it into bitter dark chocolate, et voila! truffles! :)

  • If you mix it with milk, doesn’t it become chocolate milk?

  • Tangobaby – Nice try! Maybe if I get a few more cans I’ll start sending them out to testers ;)

    Michelle – Another ricotta suggestion – mmmm in choux. I’m very tempted.

    We Are Never Full – It definitely lends itself to a tart filling. And mixed with cream? Be still my beating heart!

    Laura – Truffles! It may be a little soft – but mixed with something else… it could work. Good one, thanks!

    Ju’eta – Um, yes! Hot chocolate anyone? :)

  • Hmm… I’d probably shoot it into the middle of a cupcake but I’m on a cupcake kick and am totally obsessed with filled cupcakes. People love them!

    I might use it to fill the bottom of some little tartlet shells and top with good cherry preserves. Mmm.

  • I’ve never seen this stuff before, but it sounds cool, I love the flavour of sweetened condensed milk. What if you blended it with some milk then poured it into an ice cream maker?

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  • Coming late to the party – I also got several tins with my online shopping order and used it to make Simple Savings Biscuits –


  • Natty – Fab idea. It would be very nice to bite into a cupcake and find a gooey centre.

    Marc – If I had an ice cream maker I would def do that!

    Marita – Love the biscuits you made!

  • I haven’t seen the product but I agree that it sounds similar to the product Dulce de Leche
    which I have on this week’s show.

    Although I prefer “long-handed” methods, my audience sometimes asks for simple ideas that anyone could achieve, no matter what their culinary skill level might be.

    On a show years ago I made little pots de creme in beautiful French porcelain-but five years later I made simple parfaits that layered this style of chocolate custard and fresh whipped cream.

    So, a simple use of the product might be a
    chocolate galette ( with puffed pastry) baked for twenty minutes and topped with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

    Possibly even a little brandy whisked in.

    These are simple desserts but they deliver big when I have unexpected guests.

    The Toffee Pear Galette is always a hit and pares well with wine and cheese.

  • Jaunita

    I liked all the above ideas. But for myself, I’d use it two ways. Mix it with something like Cool Whip and serve it as a mousse first. Then make a sweetened cream cheese mixture, put it in the bottom of a tart crust and top with the chocolate.

  • It seems there is a million and 1 things to do with Nutella! :)
    For straight chocolate I would infuse it with a cherry liqueur or something comparable. I made a cheesecake and marbelized it with nutella! It was wonderful! But I always love my chocolates with fruits, i.e. raspberries, strawberries or cherries so that’s why I say mix it with a fruit liqueur or syrup and go from there! Here is a link to my Chocolate Hazelnut Cheese cake!



    PS your blog is beautiful, found you through foodbuzz! :)

  • Jaunita – I may have to give a tart ago, it seems a very popular choice!

    Laurie – Mmm, I agree, berries and chocolate are gorgeous together. I’ve been thinking about doing a marble cheesecake, thanks for the recipe.

  • Michelle

    You can use it in Chocolate mud cakes I know cake decorators that use it that is if you still have it treasure it its now hard to find Michelle




    • Hi there, this product is available from Coles and Woolworths. You’ll find it in the cake decorating section with the sprinkles etc. I hope you find it. Christie :)

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