What are you eating? #410

Posted on September 7, 2008 by ChristieFood News

It’s time to share again. I had a pretty healthy day today, except for the alcohol at lunchtime…

Breakfast: 1 poached egg on 1 slice soy and linseed bread. Mug of black tea (no milk, no sugar).

Lunch: Father’s Day celebration at the local pub. Grilled Atlantic salmon with stir fried Asian greens and chilli jam. 2 small bottles of cider (yum!).

Snack: 2 Full ‘o fruit biscuits and 2 mugs of strong black tea.

Dinner: Chicken thigh fillet stew with onions, garlic, chilli, tomatoes and silverbeet. Steamed basmati rice.

So what are you eating? Come on, indulge me! Christie x

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  • Breakfast – Sandwiches made from left over coleslaw from Fathers Day lunch and corned beef from dinner earlier in the week.

    Lunch – Left over potato salad from fathers day lunch

    Dinner – 2 sushi handrolls and some hot chips from Red Rooster.

  • Christie, your dinner sounds delicious!

    Breakfast: rolled oats, kibbled rye, ground linseeds, boiling water, dash of cinnamon = lazy instant porridge.
    Lunch: more of the same
    Dinner: I made a chowder-y soup from canned mashed tomatoes, corn, leftover rice, cumin, coriander, stock…swirl of yoghurt on top and homemade cornbread on the side. Delish!

  • Diana

    Mmm, excited for this one. Did a lot of cooking yesterday.

    Breakfast/Lunch: Hashbrowns, buttermilk biscuits, and a slice of cranberry orange breakfast cake (all of these were premade)

    Dinner: Made dinner for 2 friends. I made deviled eggs and lox with cream cheese crackers for appetizers. Added some dill to the deviled eggs with seemed to give more flavor. Spread some cream cheese over water table crackers and added the lox and a sprinkle of chopped scallions for the crackers. Presentation could probably be improved. Then for dinner I made roasted potatoes with thyme and goat cheese (recipe from the White and Rice couple), minted peas, and chicken drumsticks sauteed with an old box of masala mix.

    Dessert: Almond tofu with a tropical fruit mix.

  • Marita – Yum, I love potato salad.

    Laura – Homemade cornbread – yum!!!!

    Diana – I’ve never had almond tofu – I’d love to try it. That’s very nice of you to cook dinner for your friends!

  • Bfast: yogurt and banana gingerbread
    Lunch: cleaning out the fridge: edamame, kale cooked with mushrooms and thyme, a sprout and cream cheese sandwich on an onion ciabatta roll, a few slices of tomato
    (wish I had some of your cider)
    Dinner…yet to come…not sure yet what I’ll be making…

  • Y

    What cider was it that you had? I love cider!

  • Michelle and Y – I was drinking Pipsqueak Cider – it’s delicious!!! The best cider I’ve had since I left behind the gorgeous Pear cider in London :)

  • I did better this time. I am still eating the chocolate but I also had oatmeal for breakfast, a peach for a snack, blackberries at lunch and cottage cheese and crackers along with a barbecue pork sandwich for dinner.

  • I was a hormonal mess yesterday…the chocolate was *neccessary* !

    Breakfast – strong black coffee, granola, low fat milk and banana
    Snack – raisin brunch bar, sticky date le rice
    Late lunch – bread roll with leftover BBQ lamb and onions from dinner the night before, tomato, lettuce and vintage cheddar
    Snack – 4 squares of Cadbury creme brulee chocolate
    Dinner – yellow chicken curry with rice
    Dessert – 2 more squares of creme brulee chocolate :P

  • Dee

    Breakfast – Leftover oatmeal scraped from the kiddo’s bowl just before I washed it. Sigh.

    Lunch – The leftover sauerkraut and smoked knuckle I made for dinner. Sigh.

    Dinner – Wholewheat pasta with three kinds of mushrooms and lemon. And brocolli on the side. Eclairs for dessert. Yay!

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