What’s Christie eating? #310

Posted on September 2, 2008 by ChristieFood News

Yesterday, the 1st day of Spring and my birthday month, hurray!

Breakfast: Small bowl of sultana bran, skim milk, 1 sliced banana.

Lunch: At Pendolino – my new favourite restaurant! Gorgeous bread, olives and olive oil. Tuna carppaccio for entree. Organic hand cut parpadelle with veal ragu and deep fried marrow garnish for main. (Honestly too good for words to describe).

Notes: I was in heaven! Fabulous Italian food, great service, vibrant atmosphere and my favourite companion, The Bear. They also have an olive oil tasting room – need I say more? I want to go back asap.

Dinner: Chicken breast sauteed with sundried tomato pesto, roasted eggplant and zucchini. Steamed basmati rice.

Dessert: Baked apple stuffed with sultanas, brazil nuts and cinnamon. Teaspoon of cream (I had to!).

So what are you eating? Christie x

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  • I’m on my pre-colonoscopy diet today. Clear fluids and laxatives only. :blech:

    I can not wait until this is all over tomorrow and I’m going to do some serious cooking and eating.

    Which is good because I’ve started a new blog about cooking and eating :grin: Challenging myself to use up all the fruit and veg in my Aussie Farmers Direct box each week.


    Still have all the silverbeet and celery from last weeks box to use up before the new box arrives on Thursday.

  • Dee

    I finished up Eli’s oatmeal because he was late for school. That was breakfast :(

    Got some pear and buckwheat bread that’s going into the oven soon, so that’ll be my second brekkie :)

    Will have to skip lunch, I suppose :(

    Early dinner. I’m attempting a Sauerkraut, Hungarian Sausage and Caraway stewfor dinner tonight. Wish me luck :)

    That parpadelle with veal ragu sounds AMAZING!

  • Dee

    Oh, happy birthday in advance. When is it?

  • Y

    Happy Birthday for this month!

  • Marita – Clear fluids, hmmmm, I don’t envy you!

    Dee – That bread sounds delicious!

    Y – Thanks!

    My birthday is the 23rd of this month :)

  • This is like a fun game!

    So, with the time difference, after my post yesterday, I had green salad with toufu for lunch, green salad with white bean hummus, mixed beans, meatloaf and a cup of split pea soup for dinner.

    This morning, as a routine, I had one egg (scambled), sausage, a slice of provolone cheese, and a glass of skim milk for breakfast.

  • Happy Birthday month! Let’s see:
    Poi (taro) English Muffin with peanut butter and a tangerine for b-fast; for lunch I ate 5 prunes (dried), tuna fish scooped up with potato chips because I forgot to wash the lettuce I was going to eat it on and it had dirt all over it (it was organic, but still!); dinner is pupus (appetizers) and drinks with coworkers, but I don’t even know where we’re going yet! Oh, and a date bar for a snack!!

    I love the idea of an olive oil tasting room!!! And your apples sound absolutely divine!

  • Janet – It sure is! I’m so glad everyone is playing along. I haven’t had meatloaf or split pea soup for ages… thanks for the reminder. I might have to make some ;)

    Michelle – Thanks :) Mmmm potato chips. You’re making me have cravings!

  • oh you australians are so lucky!!! you’ve got summer ahead of you to look forward to. i wish winter wasn’t on it’s way here in the US (but I do love fall, which I’m looking forward to!)

    Happy spring to you!

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