What’s Christie eating? #221

Posted on August 29, 2008 by ChristieFood News

I could never have guessed that so many people would be into this! For those of you who were embarrassed to contribute last time, get a load of this…

Breakfast: Slice of soy and linseed bread toasted and topped with 1 fried egg, 1 slice of cheese and BBQ sauce.
Notes: I’ve been sleeping badly for the past 3 nights. That’s my excuse.

Snack: Handful of unsalted cashews, brazil nuts, sultanas and dried apricots.

Lunch: Leftover frittata (egg, haloumi, pumpkin, spinach, cherry tomatoes) mixed with cos lettuce and balsamic vinegar.

Snack: Large slice of chocolate cake.
Notes: The Bear felt like cake, so I whipped one up this afternoon. I think it was the best cake I’ve ever made!

Dinner: (Soon to be eaten) Chinese Takeaway. Ham and chicken rolls, sweet and sour pork and special fried rice. Yum yum I’ll be going for a run.

Who feels like contributing now that I’ve shared my blow out? Not that anyone is judging… ;)

Happy eating, Christie

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*It’s a reference to LOST. I love that show. Am I a geek? No, don’t answer that.

  • I’ve had a day and a half, and just totally gave up by about 10am and cancelled today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    breakfast – 3 slices of toast with tomato and philly cheese spread instead of butter (thank you Coles Online for the freebie).

    snack – can of pepsi max

    lunch – donut with chocolate icing and a cheese and bacon breadroll (or two).

    snack – cup of coffee

    dinner – smiths thinly cut crisps with the little savloy sausages.

    after dinner snack (which is now, it was a very early dinner) – two weetbix and muesli.

    I did alright at the not snacking in between meals.

    Very hard to think straight let alone prepare food when your 3.5yo is in non stop meltdown / freakout/ scream-a-thon mode.

  • Ok…let’s see!
    Breakfast: I bowl of porridge mixed with linseed, sunflower and almond. strawberries and plain Greek yogurt. Plus 2 long blacks with a dash of milk.

    Lunch: Puff pastry pizette topped with mozzarella, parmesan, tomatoes and rocket.

    Snack: packet of thin crisps (sour cream and onion…long day photographing!)

    Dinner: Pork and veal polpette with a Neapolitan sauce and wholemeal spaghetti.
    cucumber, spinach and rocket salad with a red wine vinaigrette!
    Dessert: Hmmm…a finger of Old Gold Dark chocolate with raspberry!

    This is fun…

  • Oooh, me play me play!

    breakfast :2 slices wheat free bread with poached egg and brown sauce.
    Lunch: Salad with runner beans, soy beans, fennel, lettuce and tomato with hummus. Various seeds thrown on top.
    Dinner: Going out for sushi – yay! After, there will be wine and chocolate truffles which my mum sent me as I am writing my dissertation – how cool is that?

  • They have soy and linseed bread?! Sounds yummy! And oh I’m so jealous of your haloumi cheese – it’s hard to find here! Let’s see…it’s just breakfast time here today, but I had a vanilla yogurt, half a rapoza mango (OMG the best mangoes I’ve ever had!), and a piece of locally made multi-grain toast. Now you’ve got me thinking about lunch already…

  • This is embarrassing…

    Breakfast – a small handful of unsalted almonds

    Lunch – skipped because DD had her riding lesson

    Snack – a can of Cajun spice Salmon from my SAFCO prize (it was really good and I normally don’t like canned anything). Right from the can.

    Dinner – (to be made yet) the first of our organic purple potatoes boiled (they are so gorgeous!), then lightly squashed and roasted , topped with Tofu Ricotta and herbs for me. I feel like wrong end of the horse my DD rode today and need to feel sorry for myself. The family will most likely have Chinese takeout. ;)

  • Marita – Some days are a write off, let’s face it. I don’t have children yet, so I’ve got the tantrums to look forward to (!?). Tomorrow will be better!

    Peter – You eat so well! Where did you get strawberries this time of year?

    Helen – Sushi, wine + truffles = love! Your Mum is a sweetheart. Glad you’re so excited about playing along.

    Michelle – Yes! It’s gorgeous. The brand is Burgen. I am sooooo jealous of your mango! Come on Summer!

    Colleen – I wouldn’t be embarrassed in the slightest about your organic purple potatoes. They sound absolutely divine! I’ve never had tofu ricotta…

    Keep ’em coming guys. This is so fun!

  • I think I would use up your broadband space if I told you! HAHAHAHAHA! But it included a lot of cookies.

  • Hmm, well today wasn’t a normal day in terms of eating, but here goes:

    Breakfast: Nothing, as I had an early-morning pilates class and forgot to bring an apple with me :( Nearly fainted after LOL.

    Lunch: The belated apple, a bowl of miso

    Snack: Too much cookie dough from the cookies I was supposed to be making for the mag I write for.

    Dinner: Homemade burgers (buns and all) also to be photographed and written up about for the mag.

    Interesting seeing what everyone gets up to…wish I ate like half of you do :D

  • Noble Pig – Haha, you’re funny! Mmmm cookies.

    Laura – Ahhhh, all in a hard day’s work for a food writer! :) Cookie dough? There’s a theme here…

  • How fun! This is for a day when I eat at home. When I go out, it’s quite different of course :)

    Breakfast: small handful of Crunchy nut cornflakes (no milk). Half a pear.

    Lunch: Tuna salad with corn and mayonnaise

    Afternoon snack: Seeded bread with Swedish herrings in garlic sauce

    Dinner: Fish cakes with salad, soup.

    After dinner snack: Chocolate, more Crunchy nut cornflakes, Hot chocolate

    I’m sensing a chocolate theme to the end of the day….hmmm

  • Lorraine – Cornflakes with no milk? How intriguing! Mmm, I love fish cakes. Did you make them with salmon?

  • Dee

    Weak tea and toast :( My tummy’s sulking. If you remember what I normally eat, you’ll understand why.

  • I’m starting a low-carb diet from today, and I love recording what I have eaten, so expect more contribution from me in the futre :)

    Breakfast: a small plate of scambled egg, sausage, 1% cottage cheese, plain yogurt; a glass of skim milk, a cup of coffee, two glasses of water

  • I don’t have much in the house since I just got home from Switzerland, though when I got hungry mid morning I remembered that I did bring a lot of chocolate home with me. Enough said….

  • AA

    Breakfast: Nothing.

    Lunch: Small box of hot chips from fish markets

    Dinner: 6 killpatrick pacific oysters, 12 natural Sydney rock oysters.

    Whole Silver Perch baked on potatoes, olives and vine ripened cherry tomatoes. (potatoes were cooked perfectly, for once, but the fish was slighlty undercooked).

    Supper: 12 sydney rock natural oysters

  • Dee – Oh no! Hope you feel better.

    Janet – Love cottage cheese! Good luck with your diet, see you round soon.

    Lisa – Swiss chocolate, lucky you!

    AA – Wow, you really love oysters, don’t you? I love them kilpatrick.

  • oooh here we go.

    Breakfast – strong coffee, 1 weetbix with 2 handfuls of home-made granola with a chopped banana and low fat milk

    Snack – about 1/2 punnet of strawberries

    Lunch – a little bit of King Island Dairy Camembert with some poppyseed lavosh crackers, tub of yoghurt

    Snack – cup of green tea

    Dinner – will be chicken breast panfried with lemon and parsley with salad or veggies.

    Dessert – another cup of green tea and maybe a buckwheat scone with jam :)

  • Lisa – Healthy! I love Green Tea too. Hope you had that scone… ;)

  • Diana

    Let’s see for yesterday…

    Breakfast/Lunch — I made a few strips of bacon and had two Hot Pockets

    Dinner — Appetizers at a Mediterranean restaurant; we had grape leaves, eggplant salad, and falafel. I love when there are bits of almond in the grape leaves.

    Late night snack — Slice of leftover garlic bread. My roommate made it with real chopped up garlic.

    Not much snacking during the day.

  • leighanna

    B: toast with peanut butter and peach jam and my favorite black tea

    L: vegan Mac and cheese

    S: apple

    D: Coconut sweet potato soup

    Dessert: coconut date roll?

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