What did Christie eat today? #116

Posted on August 26, 2008 by ChristieFood News

A new series because I’m the biggest sticky beak of all time! I’ll tell you mine if you’ll tell me yours…

I’m endlessly curious about what people eat. I annoy my friends, family and anyone I can find with questions about what they eat and why. Yes, ‘why’ too. I’m very nosy, but I prefer the terms ‘interested’ or ‘helpful’. Much nicer.

It dawned on me the other day that this blog is the perfect vehicle for finding out about the diets of an infinite amount of people and that maybe there are others out there who are sticky beaks too? Hands up please!

Here’s what I ate today with a few notes:

Breakfast: 2 tablespoons ricotta with 4 slices canned peaches, 1 tablespoon canned pineapple and a dash of cinnamon. Cup of strong black tea, no milk, no sugar.
Notes: I wanted a poached egg but we had no bread left! Groceries being delivered this evening. The canned pineapple was leftover from the pizzas on the weekend.

Lunch: Tuna and citrus risoni (orzo). Stay tuned for the recipe in a few days. 1 square of 70% dark Green & Blacks chocolate. 1 tiny square. Yum.

Snack: 2 Vita Wheat 9 grains crackers with 1 slice low fat cheddar. 1 cup strong black tea and 1 cup of Green Jasmine tea an hour later.

Dinner: Chicken breast mince and soba noodle stir fry; lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, red chilli, sesame oil, cashews, pumpkin and wombok.

Snack: Mango frozen yoghurt bar.
Notes: The package says they only have 100 calories per bar, but they’re quite high in sugar. I just fancied something creamy. (Cream, actually).

What did you eat? I’m dying to know. Is this interesting to you or am I out on my own here?

If you like it I’ll continue posting in between recipes. Let me know!

Happy eating, Christie

  • Kim

    You are such a healthy eater Christie! As soon as I clean up my diet I will let you know what I ate. In the meantime it’s a secret. But as I ponder the topic-now I can see why I have gained weight since cooking Southern. Shame once more……

  • Christie,
    Interesting topic. I just started WW. {I’m 20 lbs overweight after baby #4.}

    1 cup oatmeal with a tiny bit of mil and brown sugar
    1 cup strong coffee with 1 t cream
    2 cranberry, white chocolate, oatmeal cookies {each the size of a walnut}

    1 cup 1% yogurt with 1 T homemade jam and a sliced banana.
    4 Milton’s sesame seed crackers

    2 cups green and yellow beans from the garden with fresh grated nutmeg and butter.

    My stomach always takes a few days to adjust to the diet and then the weight falls off. It has certainly been harder to be motivated this fourth time around though.

  • Christie, I feel so guilty now that I have to admit my bad habits when it comes to eating!
    It is now 1:45 pm and all I have had today is my morning coffee and two yogurts! I LOVE Yoplait’s Key Lime Pie whips! I usually don’t “really” eat till dinner time..busy I guess! :)

  • Yesterday?

    Breakfast – wheatbix and muesli.

    Lunch – chicken noodle soup and home made herb bread.

    Dinner – left over chicken noodle soup and home made herb bread.

    I also polished off the last of a party bucket full of peanut MMs.

    very proud of myself because despite overwhelming temptation I did not stop and get KFC – we drove past the KFC 10 times yesterday and each time I wanted to stop and just kept going.

  • good lord. i eat your entire day’s worth of food for one meal. :)

  • Very interesting Christie…better than me that’s for sure. I had a banana bran muffin for brekky with a large strong black espresso, followed by a tuna and salad sandwich on wholemeal sourdough bread. For dinner I enjoyed slow braised pork with polenta and zucchini…phew!

  • Interesting, a bit like those what are you wearing today threads ;)

    Brekky : Vegemite / Butter on wholemeal sourdough , regular strong cappucino

    Lunch : 3 x tuna , japanese mayo and mixed salad sandwhich (Pumpkin seed Burgen) and apple

    Snack : Vita wheat with hommus (x 6) , green tea

    Dinner : Vietnamese rice paper rolls (DIY) + Magnum almond

  • I thought I was the only person who did this. Every time I am on the phone to my friends I say “what are you having for dinner/what did you have for dinner” I think they think I do it because I am running out of ideas, but really I just want to know :)

  • Y

    Years ago, a friend told me a hilariously useless fact.. apparently Jennifer Aniston can stop at one M&M. Don’t know why, but it has always stayed in my mind (out, useless information, out!), maybe because of the sheer wilpower involved. It’d take an equally strong person to stop at one square of chocolate too!

  • Firstly – thank you all! You have made this little sticky beaks day! May it continue!

    Kim – Your Southern cooking is delicious! Hope you’ll share your ‘secret diet’ soon.

    Johannah – Wow, that Weight Watchers regime seems pretty strict. Good on you for sticking to it!

    Laurie – Your job must be soooo hectic. I wouldn’t be able to think without food!

    Marita – I love homemade chicken soup. Yum! I’m not a fan of KFC, so can’t feel your pain. But congrats for resisting temptation!

    Grace – Don’t lie!! :)

    Peter G – You’re really healthy too. Love the sound of slow braised pork.

    Howard – I love Burgen bread and Vita Wheats too!

    Pea & Pear – Me too! Glad someone else has this quirk.

    Y – Well, I’m not as skinny as Jennifer Aniston! (Who is?) ;)

  • Hello! Well, here’s yesterday then….

    Breakfast – poached egg (jealous?) on wholemeal toast.
    Snack: 2 plums
    Lunch: Sandwich with egg and salad (all we had in the house was eggs and bread ok??)
    Dinner: Butternut squash soup. Yum. More bread. 2 plums. At least 3 glasses of red wine.

  • Yes, Helen, I’m very jealous! I’ve got my bread now so I’m going to poach the most perfect egg you’ve ever seen tomorrow morning! ;)

    Thanks for playing along!

  • Dee

    Now I feel horrible.

    Today, coffee and freshly squeezed juice at 8am.
    Half a Nasi Lemak (coconut milk rice with whitebait sambal, a boiled egg, peanuts and fried whitebait) at 10am. And a pulled tea – sweet, milky tea, literally pulled from cup to cup until frothy. Yes, really.
    A slice of sugar plum and almond torte at 1pm.
    Lots of water in between.
    Starving. It’s 6pm. Hubby is coming home with Indian takeout. More rice. And mutton masala. And papadoms.

    Okay, it’s not always like this.

  • Diana

    I love this idea. I wish there was a blog or site where people can come and post what they had for lunch every day. Yesterday, I had:

    Breakfast: Peach

    Lunch: Shrimp and green bell pepper stirfry over sticky rice. I added spicy black bean sauce into the sauce and let it run into the rice as well. I was only using the sticky rice to finish it off, but it was great. I love sticky rice.

    Snacks: Nature Valley Vanilla Nut bar.

    Dinner: Went out last night because I had a craving for the Tandoori chicken sandwich at The Lucky Platter. I’ll try to describe it. It’s served on a round bun, smothered with a slightly tangy sauce, with onions, feta, and thin slices of cucumber. The dish also comes with this great gingered fruit, which has peaches, strawberries, grapes, pineapple served in a sweet/sour ginger sauce, with bits of onion and cilantro. SO good! If you can come up with a similar recipe, please post!

  • Dee – Thanks for sharing! I love Nasi Lemak and it would be fab to have cake for lunch once in a while :)

    Diana – Glad you feel that way! That tandoori sandwich sounds amazing. I’m especially intrigued by the ginger fruit… will definitely have to try recreating that!

    I guess you guys like this series. So I’ll continue it in between recipes. Can’t wait to hear what more of you had!

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