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Posted on October 19, 2012 by ChristieToddler meal ideas

A friend of mine who has a toddler the same age as Poppy recently asked me to please post ideas for toddler meals. (Hi Katya! See I told you I would do it!).

I absolutely adore the ideas that my blogging pal Veggie Mama publishes, and I am always totally inspired afterwards, so I thought I’d have a go at posting some of the meals I feed to Poppy. Perhaps you will be inspired too?

Over the last few weeks I have taken photos of some of her meals with some of them taken at dinner time, so the pictures are quite crappy – but I think they are good enough to give you an idea anyway.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

First picture above is whole hard boiled egg, four bean mix (from the can, drained), SAO crackers with peanut butter and finely sliced cucumber. Get ready, I serve cucumber a lot! I suspect Poppy thinks it is a fruit because it is so juicy. In any case, it’s good she eats it! That’s a win for Mum.

This is a big favourite: boiled small pasta, peas, grated cheese and a little bit of melted butter with salt and pepper.

I love eating these leftovers! Although I have stopped doing that now as I am trying to lose weight (most probably put on by eating tasty leftovers like these. Sigh).

Attempting the closed sandwich and failing. My darling Poppy insists on open sandwiches ONLY. She likes to touch and lick the toppings and will pull apart any closed sandwiches and eat each side separately.

Oh, and she always eats them the wrong way around – topping-side DOWN so the topping hits her tongue first. As in, the opposite way you eat a piece of toast.

Makes sense I guess, as you get the flavour on your tongue, not the roof of your mouth – but boy is it messy!!

Anyway here we have: sliced strawberry, sliced pear and sandwich fingers on wholemeal bread with ham and avocado.

We were having cous cous salad for lunch this day so I just put all the elements separately on her plate. She got so excited about the cous cous that she scooped it up with a spoon and straight over the edge of the table! Then I transferred it to a bowl.

What’s on the plate: cooked cous cous mixed with pesto, diced capsicum, diced cucumber, diced avocado and corn cut straight from the cob and served raw (it was very fresh).

This week she decided that she didn’t like egg yolks any more. OK then.

Here we have: cold leftover pasta, cucumber (see, I told you I always serve it!) and a boiled egg with the yolk removed.

For once, she ate what we were eating for dinner, hooray! Chicken schnitzel, peas and boiled potato.

Here we have: avocado on multigrain toast (her favourite), cheddar cheese, four bean mix.

OK, I’m a bit embarrassed about this last one, but I’m posting it for the good of the community – to show that even someone who is obsessed by food can lose their way once in a while!

This crazy combination is raisin toast, grated carrot, cheddar cheese, one whole strawberry and cubed cucumber. For dinner. Shut up, I know. It’s weird.

To be honest she just ate the toast, the cheese and the strawberry and then looked at me with pure crazy eyes. Fair enough.

Would love to hear your feedback on these as I often get stuck in a rut with the same things (uh, cucumber) even though I actively try to offer a wide variety each day.

What’s your go-to meal for your toddler? 

Christie x
  • I don’t have kids but I found this post really interesting…is Poppy back on to egg yolks now?

    • Hey Miss Piggy – I”m glad to hear that! Yes she is back onto yolks – but only if I give her the egg whole and she munches through it like an apple. Kids are so funny sometimes :) Christie

  • Luke

    This is great….. I have to be honest and say I was secretly happy you have problems with her being fussy as well :)

    Now I don’t feel bad when we give Finn cheese slices, carrots and fruit toast!

    • Luke, Hi! What is Finn’s favourite meal? Poppy has loads more so I will continue taking pics and will upload part 2 soon – this has got a great response on social media as well as personal emails to me. People find it fascinating (no kids) and helpful (with kids). Christie :)

  • Sheridan

    Thanks for this Christie – some good ideas. I’m often stumped for something quick but nutritious for lunch for Douglas, I’ll definitely try pesto couscous – he eats both but I haven’t thought to put them together. My go-to meals are just warm baked beans with any left over vegies , scrambled egg with cooked tomato/mushroom/zuchini/spinach, or pasta salad made with grated carrot, diced cucumber and capsicum and cottage cheese – about the only way to get raw vegies into the little guy!

    • Hey Sheridan!

      Scrambled eggs mixed with veggies used to be a fav, but she went off it. Haven’t tried it for a while – so will give it a go again, thanks for the tip! We do baked beans too, but I tried to post a few more unusual ones here as I’m pretty sure every parent uses baked beans at some point! Haha.

      Love the sound of pasta salad, will try that too. We also do fried rice and soba noodle salad which I’m hoping to post in the next story.

      Christie :)

  • Katya

    Thank you Christie. I was looking forward for this post. Pasta with cheese is also Olga’s favorite. You have many great ideas. Would try them. I’d like the baked beans recipe and pasta salad.

    • Hi Katya,

      Will definitely post a toddler egg dish, fried rice and pasta salad soon!

      Cheers, Christie

  • i’ll have to keep these ideas in mind once my little isabelle gets older.

  • These are all great ideas. I’ll have to make you laugh by posting some photos of what my gigantic teenager eats. The quantities are just a tad larger!!

    • Please do Seana! Would love to know what I’m in for in the future :)

  • Sha

    Hi christie….my 1.5 yr old is a total nightmare with food, I came across your blog and I’m going to try and see if your combinations going to work :/

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