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Posted on March 22, 2013 by ChristieI'm Craving, Web Favs

Before I dive into this week’s craving I’ll just give you an update on last week’s soup dumplings craving…

I didn’t get them during my trip to Sydney (boo hoo), but I did get a whole host of other dumplings at a quick yum cha session down south in Blakehurst. All my favourite dumpling flavours were there; har gow (prawn), prawn and spinach, mixed veggie with peanuts, scallop, prawn and pork and of course the delicious flat rice noodles filled with king prawns. Heavenly. And just what the baby ordered!

But back to this week’s craving; vegemite and jarlsberg cheese on toast.

I have been missing my beloved soft and blue cheeses during this pregnancy (brie, camembert, gorgonzola et al are all off limits), but in a happy twist of fate I have rediscovered many hard cheeses that I absolutely adore.

Hello; smoked cheddar, manchego, pecorino, red leicester and jarlsberg. And more!

My latest breakfast and snack obsession is grainy toast spread thickly with butter, thinly with vegemite and topped with a few slices of jarlsberg cheese. So good!

What are you craving this week? Join in the fun! Please… I’m such a sticky beak.

How to join in with: This week I’m craving… {insert food}

I thought it might be fun to start a weekly post with what I’m craving during my pregnancy and I thought it might be even more fun if you joined in too. Everyone has cravings, you don’t need to be pregnant, so that means everyone can come along for the ride.

  • Every Friday I’ll publish a post with what I’m craving during my pregnancy.
  • You publish a blog post about what you’re craving and link back to my blog post.
  • I’ll add all the links into the blog post each week so others can click through and check out what you’re craving! If for some reason your link doesn’t appear, just give me a little nudge via a comment or note through my contact form.

Your post could be about something you are craving that is unattainable (as in, sashimi from a specific restaurant in Tokyo) or something you craved then made/ate and took a picture of. Or you can use a photo you borrowed from the internet (link to its source please, that’s good web etiquette!).

What other bloggers are craving this week…

  • Have you posted your craving? Let me know in the comments so I can link you up!
Christie x
  • Lisa @ Greek Vegetarian

    Hi Christie, this week I’m desperately craving CARBS!! I’m going carb-free for the week to support my partner who’s doing the Meat Free Week challenge, and it’s been SO HARD! The posts on my blog are of the carbless meals we’ve been eating this week so they actually reflect the exact opposite to what I’m craving at the moment, but next week I’ll be linking up with you here when the fast is over and I can indulge in my carb cravings!!!

    • Oh dear that must be so hard!! My hubby is off carbs a few nights a week for weightloss and I can’t handle it either! (I just eat a few crackers with cheese after dinner!). Would LOVE for you to join in next week and good luck for the rest of your Meat Free week!!

  • Urgh! I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I can’t STAND vegemite! Jarlsberg on the other hand…

    • What!!! You are like my hubby – he doesn’t eat vegemite OR peanut butter (weirdo!). Glad you’re a fan of the jarlsberg though – not sure if we could be friends if not. Heehee ;)

  • InTolerant Chef

    I love vegemite and cheese too, it was a school lunch staple. My daughter adores vegemite and snowpea sprouts, but I went off snowpeas in my pregnancy and ever since I just can’t stand them!

    • Love the vege and snowpea sprouts combo – will have to try that! You don’t eat snowpeas? No! They are sooo good! :)

  • oh yum!!!!!!!!

    • Totally. Almost finished the whole block of jarlsberg in one week… it’s for the baby (I keep telling myself!).

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Hehe I’m craving a chicken and mayonnaise sandwich and iceberg lettuce salad! And hehe I noticed the Best Mum mug too! ;)

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